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Getting started, being frustrated
  • grapegrape
    Posts: 1
    I got the set that has the MGX and Helix and have tried the MGX for the last two nights. I'm not getting any of the feelings that would lead one to believe they are on the path to the O. Sadly I must admit both times after doing the breathing exercise I have fallen asleep with it inserted and then woke up about an hour or so later. The only sensation I had is just the sense that something is inserted. I did not get an erection either time while inserted, but did achieve a better than normal 50+ year old erection afterwards and masturbated to a better than normal ejaculation so a bit of good news.

    Not sure what to do except keep trying as I question if I am not trying to hard. Maybe I should switch to the Helix and check out the results their.

    Any advice for a newbie would be appreciated.

  • Keep trying dude. I just got my kit as well, after several trys I finally got it. I propped myself up in bed by putting some pillows behind me, so I was sort of laying on a slant. I had my legs bent with my feet pressed together. The weight of my body on the slant really pushed the aboutments into "the spot" and could feel my prostate being squeezed against it. I put some porn in and it was about 15 or 20 minutes before I started to have some contractions. I thought at first it might have been a fluke, that the porn was just turning me on and continued doing the squeezes on the Helix. I like a lot of tit play too, so I was working them hard, trying to keep my hands off my dick like they say. Then suddenly it was like a wave that started in my lower body and moved upward, my ass was clenching and unclenching involuntarily, but the O was not coming from my ass it seemed but through my whole body. They continued to build and crash with maybe 5 minutes or so between each wave. It was then that I realized, "Hey, I got two of these things." So I lubed up the MGX as well and slid in alongside the Helix. Well the really put it over the edge. The next set of body-gasms had me literally flopping on the bed. The sensations ran up and back down body and pre-cum was running out of my dick, though I did not have a full hard on. It definately felt like the Aneros were moving on their own and that they were vibrating. It really does take some time and patience to find the spot, took me about a week of trying and was starting to get frustrated. I was really super horny when it finally happaned and had a few drinks so I was buzzed as well and maybe that helped me relax more and get into it. Keep trying you'll get it!