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No more erection!!!
  • i am wondering why i dont get erections anymore when using the aneros? the very first few times i used the mgx (9 months ago), i immediately got hard and stayed that way for awhile. now, as i am inching towards the super-o with PCs, etc., no more hard-ons! also, i dont seem to produce anywhere near the amount of pre-cum that i initially did. it seems that as my focus has changed "inwardly" to producing a super-o, my cock has completely been removed from the picture. is this natural?

    i get plenty of voluntaries. have been to and stayed on the edge many times. cant seem to get over it though. i would love to figure out how to get my cock back into the loop again. thanks for any fedback.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Aaron,

    If I were you, I would leave your cock and balls out of the loop. I think the idea here is to forget about them. I suspect that the reason that you were getting your erections early on is that it was new and probably exciting for you. Ah, the expectation!

    I have been going through countless sessions with generating some pretty amazing sensations with no erection at all during the process.

    Hang in there and forget about 'em.