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Which one?
  • Well, I've been reading the forum and websites - posted a question on whether this is something worth trying - and seems like it all points to yes.

    I'm wondering if I could get some advice on which product for a brand new novice. About my bodytype - 5'5 and slender.

  • I started out with the MGX. Used it for one year before purchasing the helix. Both are great models. I have to say it would be hard for me to pick one over the other. Like B. Mayfield states I feel that both are great choices for someone who is (1) new to anal/prostate stimulation (2) just starting the journey toward the super-O. I feel no matter which one you start with you will enjoy it so much you will wonder what the other model feels like and how it moves with respect to your model. No real right your wrong answer here (you might think I am a politician) but I would stay away from purchasing the Maximus or the Eupho for your first Aneros experience. I purchased the Maximus two months after the Helix. This model might not appear to be much larger than the other units until you are attempting the insert the Maximus. At that time you understand the difference hence the name. Not that I do not like the Maximus its size hinders the moblility of the model for me. I enjoy this model the most when my wife and I are having sex. Being 5' 5" should not make any difference in the ability of the MGX or the Helix to properly stimulate your prostate. However without trying one unit first you can't say this with absolute certainty. If you felt like the unit was not stimulating you properly or if the models did not feel comfortabe the SGX would be a better option. Remember that in the majority of men the prostate sits 2-3 inches inside the anus this value varies slightly depending on which medical text you are using. It would be very rare for you to be outside of these statistics. Possible but rare. Hope this answered some questions if you want to know something more specific do not hesitate to ask.
  • Thank you for the information. I know that the prep is somewhat uncomfortable for someone who has not done anal play before. But, I was going to use a regular enema unit that you get at the pharmacy rather than the cleansing unit on this website.

    Wanted to know if that works?

    I think I'll go for the SGX first given that I'm a true novice at this. My next thing is to figure out how to let my girlfriend know about this. :-)
  • (this post was edited 2005-12-18 19:13:01)

    That type of cleansing works well. I had never experienced any anal/prostate stimulation before I purchased the aneros either. The SGX is an excellent choice. I use both types of enema systems and for me a small bulb type like the one you purchased at the pharmacy works easiest. Some advice. If your bowels have not moved that day try to before you start cleaning. Remember you only need a small amount of water to clean the rectum before your session. Four to eight ounces does the trick any more than that and you risk stimulating your colon and more bowel movements. Lube Lube Lube. Put some KY around your anus and on the enema nozzle. Water temperature not to hot not to cold. Warm water as close to your body temperature will be the best. Tap water is ok to use to clean your rectum. Commercial enemas are designed for people with constipation. If you use these you will clean out your rectum but that is not all. If you do not rinse out your rectum after using one of these you will have a large amount of mucus and water in your sigmoid colon and rectum stimulating your bowels to have a BM. NOT A WAY I LIKE TO SPEND A SESSION. The easiest way to perform this with minimal time is on the toilet. If you find this position to uncomfortable you can position yourself on your side and administer the enema that way. Insertion of the nozzle is easier if you can guide it with a finger that is already inserted through the sphincter for someone who has not done it before. Make sure your fingernails are trimmed very short before to prevent any cut or lacerations. Draw up the water into the bulb. Go over to the stool and sit down. I find it easier to perform between my legs but you can reach just as easy from behind. With the bulb in my right hand I insert my index finger of my left hand that is lubed, pad of my finger first into place. I then make sure that any air that is in the bulb syringe is expelled before insertion to avoid any extra gas in the rectum. Place the nozzle up against your finger and insert. Remove your finger and gentle squeeze the water into your rectum. Not to hard you only want to clean the rectum. Remove the nozzle. After a minute or so bear down like you are having a BM and pass the water. Repeat if you need. If at anytime you feel discomfort/pain upon insertion stop only continue if the pain resolves all the way. You may find it easier to insert if you bear down like you are having a BM. This will relax the sphincter and allow passage into the rectum. Use plenty of lube your first couple of times until you get more comfortable with the procedure and go slow. Wash the enema syringe with warm soapy water rinse and let dry. Trust me you will get very fast at this. As for the girlfriend situation. Honesty is the best policy. Hopefully she will be openminded about this type of experience. Direct her here if she has any questions that you can not answer. These stimulators have enhanced my sex life with my wife greatly. And she loves to use them on me.