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Aneros and hypnotism/ altered states of consciousness

  • Hi,

    I have not had a great deal of success with the Aneros over the last year (though there have been minor results).

    But I would like to share a very strange but interesting experience that might have potential.

    One evening I was reading about "mirror gazing." People stare at mirrors in the hope of entering a trance state that sometimes leads to frankly mystical experiences. Sometimes they "see the dead." At other times their own image disappears.

    I know its odd, and might seem to have little to do with the Aneros, but bear with me.

    After reading the book I am pretty sure that I fell into some kind of mild trance, without realizing it. Probably it was the suggestive effect of the book (incidently I have tried mirror gazing a few times, and while I have not see ghosts yet, it does produce a kind of mild hypnosis). Then I tried using the Aneros.

    I have never experienced anything like it before. I simply concentrated on the energy/ vibratory sensations the device produced, whilst contracting the anus periodically. For once, the vibrations were very intense (or simply obvious?). The Aneros kind of produced an "energy wave" that travelled up my body. It was like creating waves in a bath, with my body as the bath. This intense energetic experience gradually increased, until my entire body was filled with pulsating, vibrating energy, still responding to the Aneros and contractions.

    For better or worse, I stopped at this point, as I was worried that I might start screaming involuntarily (I think I was close to loss of ego control), and there were other people in the house.

    Next night I tried again, and the energy sensations were still there. But I fell asleep. Gradually the vibratory energy fell over the next week (or simple faded from my awareness) and I was not able to repeat the experience. I have not had the opportunity to try mirror gazing/ aneros using since.

    Incidently, other orgasm techniques suggest the use of "Stalking the Wild Devine" - a computer game that uses biofeedback, and can put you in an trance, before masturbating. Maybe the Aneros would be much more effective if you could get yourself into a mild trance before using it. Maybe trance is the key?

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    Although I can't comment on the metaphysical aspects of your posts, the idea of mirror gazing would seem to be about inducing a self hypnotic state. Being a long time practicioner of self hypnosis and T.M., I can tell you that the passive mind that these disciplines tap into can be of real benefit in ones Super O sessions. In passivity the body (with the assistance of the Aneros) may move toward producing sensations in different ways. Ways that may often be filtered out by the conscious mind. As you may have read, there are some that have even slept with the unit, who find themselves awaking orgasmically in the middle of the night. Although I am not a true advocate of this method, (as it normally fails to teach one how to access the Super O in a waking setting) it says a great deal about the power of passivity.

    BF Mayfield