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Advice needed: overcoming performance anxiety (Long Read)
  • nlr420nlr420
    Posts: 18
    hey, I hope this is not off topic, but I enjoy the helpfuling hand and relaxed attitude in this forum.

    I use to suffer heavily from anxiety to the point where I was on some pretty strong meds for 2 years. 4 years ago I went through a self help program and now I have been medication-free for 2 years (huge turning point in my life).

    I am in control of my anxiety but it still present with me everyday. I watch my caffeine intake, negative thoughts, and balanced diet.

    I have only once approached super "O" with my Helix. I recently started dating someone and I now seem to have issues with performance anxiety. I was able to take care of her with my fingers until she was more then pleased, but when it came to my turn I could not enjoy myself and did not complete.

    Things I have observed about myself.

    1. I seem to put other happieness before my own
    2. I have trouble relaxing and clearing my mind of worries (I am always afraid of overlooking any detail in my life)
    3. I get the paranoid feeling my neighbors are spying on me even though I have nothing to back that claim up. (I even hang blankets over the windows to insure our privacy)
    4. I know I definately suffer from personality disorders such as

    Schizoid Personality Disorder (was told by two different thearapists)
    Paranoid Personality Disorder
    Schizotypal Personality Disorder

    The last time I had mind-blowing, hair-pulling sex was two years ago when I met this cute lil' red head (not trying to brag but painting you a picture). I was freash off my meds and felt super cocky about my life (my testosterone may have shot up from being supressed for two years). I do not feel super cocky anymore but I am at a happy medium "everything in moderation type attitude" in life.

    I geuss after writing this, I realize my problem is clearing my mind blocking the outside world to concentrate on either myself and my gf (who is very understanding and I am thankful I met).

    Is there anyone else that was once like this but has learned how to "let go of" or overcome their fears to concrentrate on themselves or thier loved ones? How do I regain my "sexual concentration". the kind I had when I was 16 and care free?

  • nlr420nlr420
    Posts: 18
    Oh one more thing about me, I seemed to have to avoid lusting as much as I can (it feels like it got me into trouble in the past). I see tons and tons of hot girls every day but I pretty much avoid them because I'm afraid to start obsessing about them which use to drive me insane.