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Aneros SGX Modified abutment tab
  • Ok, so I've been an active lurker for a couple years now, and I've read just about every post... and a while back I modified the abutment tab for better positioning. It was working great til it snapped.... But through BMayfield's expert posting, I fixed it and it's just as good as it was before, and positioned to the factory location of 6 to 7'th rib out.

    Here's my issue though, I have to place a folded towel under the tab for correct positioning for the sgx to contact the prostate and it be a pleasuring experience. If I don't, it gives very little if any stimulation.
    My question is, would this mean then that I've got to adjust the tab to a more forward position? I've also removed the handle as well. I'm just wondering if I should line up the tab more so with the "soft spot" on my perenium, or if it needs to be more forwardly positioned.

    thanks all, I've enjoyed the posts out here for a while now, and all the help you guys have been, without knowing it...

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    I discovered that a small piece of tissue around the head of the tab helps with the discomfort issue and helps absorb any excess lube, then if i gently press on the outside of the tab, which in essence pushes it in tighter to the perenium then it will prove if you are close to the spot or not, if on the spot, you will sure know it, the feeling is quite intense. So, if placed properly, the feelings are there right away without any pressure being applied, if you modify the tab to be too close then the aneros will actually fall out and if not falling out, will have no effect at all. Be patient, and experiment, take a fair bit of time.
  • This past weekend, I tried laying a couple beads of hot glue along the abutment tab edge, to build it up in hopes that this would bring the aneros down and provide better contact with my prostate. I built it up by additional 1/8 to 3/16's, this was better, but I just don't get the connection that I once had, where I'd get the connection feeling between the under side of the penis head to the prostate.
    I'm thinking that all of the reading I've done out here on the Helix, may be the better aneros in the lineup for my particular body, and the way things are located on me.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience, and then found either the helix or one of the other models worked better for them ?


  • when you say that you will KNOW IT when you hit the spot, does that mean you will REALLY know it? i keep moving the tab up and down and left and right but have not hit any spot that feels any differently.
  • yes, when it's in the right spot, you'll feel a tingling under the head, around the frenulum, and it will feel wired directly to your prostate. I've only had it in this spot maybe half dozen times, and the difference is day & night, but I've had to fix my aneros due to the abutment tab snapping off, so I'm trying to get it back to the working point, but ulitamely believe I'm just going to get a new Helix.
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    Yes, it takes a while sometimes to actually find the rght spot, you might find with the helix that the tab is usually a bit further away than with the other models so patience is the key, good luck and believe me the the trip is worth it,