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Something nice but not enough
  • Sorry about my English, I’m not a native English speaker

    I have a Helix. I’ve used four times. Since the first session I’ve had pleasant feelings but nothing to compare with the jumping-and-hitting-the-roof-with-the-head orgasms most of you have had.
    The pleasant sensations I’ve had I guess that they come from the erogenous area pressed by the Aneros but I wasn’t able to go further. Sometimes it looks like if something is going to happen but after a few seconds of something really nice I lose it.
    I’m trying the posture most appropriate to me and I must say that my best goal was standing on my knees and moving my hips forwards and backwards like making love.

    Does all this sound familiar to you?

    Another question:

    After my last session, the longest, I finished with a pain into my anus. Maybe I’m not familiar with having something into my anus or maybe I wanted to go too fast or I did the contractions too hard. The next day the pain disappeared. Perhaps I had just stitch.
    What should be the contractions like? Smooth or hard

    Another question:

    Most of you talk about fabulous erections. I’ve never had problems with erections but once I put into the aneros my penis gets smaller. I don’t know whether this makes the aneros work or not.

    Well, I think thatI said everything I wanted by now. I must say that the sensations I had were worthy and they encourage me to keep going. I’m sure that with some help form you I should do better.