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new helix user lookin for some help
  • hi all,
    just wondering on a few things as i am new to all this. ok
    i read a few posts on here an think i am on the right track, well i have hade my helix a few days now an tryed it 3 times so far...
    each time has been better than the last, 1st time i tryed for a hour and got a tingling feeling followed by a mild feeling i was going to cum which was gone almost as quick as i felt it. the next time i used it was for 45 mins the next day, again i got the tingling feeling round my butt and groin followed again by the feeling of i was getting somewhere close to cuming this feeling stayed longer than before whent away then came back this carried on for a while but that was as far as i managed to get.
    last night i got the same feelings but couldnt either make them last long or bring them back once it stoped...
    now the thing i wondering is after each time i used it it felt quite mobile in me but after the feelings had died down it felt to quote another post on here'like a rock in my butt' my question is do i have to relube this up?? also i am following the online instruction of lyin on my side on knee higer up than other.. the breathing/contractions( i found it harder to follow th breathing and contractions exercise when the feelings started prolly cuz i ddint know what was happening as these are all new feelings for me) the whole feeling things start quite early on in the times i have used it then once goe i dont sseam to rekindle the fire that started.....i have read another user on here say that mind set has a lot to do with your experiance do you think, maybe i am trying to hard after the feelings go i dunno??

    as i said before i only had my helix a few days, and am pleased so far, when the feelings start its like oh wow i LIKE this but it also feels like there could and IS so much more waiting if i can learn to use it and control myself more.

    has anyone any pointer on my experiance to help me continue further

    btw nice product