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  • Hi,

    I am a 46 years old male, who is very keen on trying to find the male G Spot.

    I would like to take this opportunity to say a very big thank you to all the people who have taken the time to share their experiences to new people like myself, the advice that has been given has been wonderful and has dispelled a number of my fears and myths surrounding anal sex.

    I must confess, I have been very interested in anal stimulation for a number of years but my wife has no interest at all, I have tried numerous times to get her to take a active part, even suggested she could try it on me first but she always declined and commented that she could see no point, it was not made for that :(

    I feel as if I am not getting total fulfilment with my sex life and is (has been for years)time to take it to another level. I did use to think why do I have these urges, am I gay, a pervert, it use to really worry me, but now see it was a taboo that a lot of men have and after reading the forum, I am (hopefully) a normal hetrosexual male who just wants to enjoy all aspects of sex and strive to reach maximum fulfilment, the idea of the super orgasm thrills me, after all we are here only the once and there is enough stress and troubles in this world so why not take the time to get something that will make you feel wonderful.

    I am open to any advice on where to start what tips anyone can give to slowly ease me into this new world of anal and sexual gratification, I am considering buying the Aneros but sadly I will have to use it on my own, but I need to experience this mindblowing orgasm so be it.

    Thanks again people.

  • Congrats on comming to this forum and welcome. Somethings in life are not truely explained nor are they explained in detail. Anal play is one of them becuase people (society) feels that anything that has to do with the bowls of the human body is evil, gross, and down right wrong, but this is not the case here. People always fear what they do not understand and those that seek answers to question not willing to be asked are usually shunned by others.

    Your curiousity and fear go hand in hand since you are wondering (for some time now) has plagued your mind and the fear of finding out your gay if you use the Aneros. First of all The questions you have are completely normal every single man thinks of it. Just like every single man masturbates but not every man will admit to it. The only wany to find out what the aneros can do is to experience it yourself. As for being gay I guess that would be determined on what you do. If you are completely thinking about men ramming your ass over and over and that is to warm you up to start you session then you might might have some identity searching to do. If you are curious about the anals possibilities and use no reference to the same sex then you might be on the striaght and narrow (so to speak).

    All in all the discion is completely up to you about whether to use it or not. Hey you never till you try. As for your wife that is any issue that you need to discuss with her and one of the greatest things that two people who love eachother in a sexual dispute is to talk about it. Rules, stipulations, and aggreements need to put in order that way there are no secrets and no more issues that suddenly spring up such as "YOU NEVER TOLD ME".

    If you feel that you want to find out what your body is campible of but fear of being grouped into the weird group of hot lotions, bondage, and leather then you might want to come to a discion of do I care what other poeple think about me. Of course if you truely want to there are ways to have your sessions without others knowing (I live with a family of 5 and I do my sessions when i can and at night so it is possible).

    I do hope that this might help you out and if you are asking for advice to whether or not to buy I say try it out go for it becuase life is nothing but experimentation, if you don't experiment then you'll never know.

    Newbie as well,

  • Thanks carrot, I am sat here delibarating on "should I buy one, or Should I wait."

    Your advice is sound and yes i am confused but no I dont think I am homosexual, I may be bisexual but I am not sure about that either.

    I love and adore women but want to reach this super O, which until recently did not know exist have you ever had one?

    Thanks Jo.
  • You are welcomed I know what it is lilke to be looking through the glass window of curiousity and think should I or shouldn't I. But you can try and take that monumental leap of faith like so many others here have and try it out and see if the grass is greener on the other side or sit back and wonder forever what if.

    Human curiousity can never be contained thats why you have a strong feeling to buy one.

    As for the super O I have not experienced it yet. Nor have I had my MGX for very long (only a week). I have said like in other threads before "I have found the way to open the doorway to anal pleasure, but have not found the means to walk through it". I am just an explorer like you trying to find out what the limits of human sexulity has to offer. I also have had many times helped friends out in sticky situations with love, sex, and prejudice. Remember you are not alone and there are people out there that you can talk to if needed.

    Your buut buddy, (LOL)