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I am tall and skinny, what model should I get?
  • nooobnooob
    Posts: 2
    I am 6 foot tall, weights only 130 pounds. I bought a Helix 4 months ago; Although I had some interesting time with it, I feel that it might not be of the right size for me. It doesn't move around in me as it should be (I feel its head may be too large), it doens't hit the right spot, and the perineum tab is just too loose (doesn't give the pressure it should)...

    I was wondering maybe there's another model that's more right for a super skinny guy like myself. Please help me, I am desperate for a super-O!
  • Does the tab make contact when you contract your anus? All of the models are designed to make contact with the prostate. As you contract the tab should be making some contact with your perineum and the head of the aneros should press on the prostate. If the tab is not making any contact with contractions there are several people on this forum who have modified the aneros. A word to the wise I would be very careful before I tried this. I would also look into purchasing a new aneros like the mgx and see if the different style of tab makes contact with your perineum easier.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Yes, the tab may be modified to afford more contact with your perineum, but as luvinaneros points out, this isn't something that you enter into lightly. As a matter of fact, in your case prior to considering that, it's more important that you address the issue of the unit's mobility. Are you saying that the Helix DOES contact your prostate, but is not particularly responsive to your contractions? If this is the case, I would advise you to look at your lubing protocols. The truth is that some individuals do require greater and more intensive lubrication than others. In general, any decent water based lube should do the trick, but perhaps you may want to consider prelubing (administering a small amount of lubrication via a small syringe or dropper, prior to insertion of the Aneros). I'm sure that you already know that the Aneros itself must be well lubricated..from the tip to an inch above the base (being careful to avoid any contact with the abutment tab).

    It is also important to give yourself some time with Aneros. Often times, particularly with those who are new to anal play, there is some resistance that is being generated by ones body that may hamper mobility. I note that you've had your massager for about 4 months, depending on how many sessions that you've had (this wasn't indicated) this may or may not be an issue in your case.

    If you've tried all of these things already, it is possible that another one of the models may be better suited to your needs. In so far as which ones to try....the MGX, Eupho or SGX, are all candidates. Of the two the Eupho is without question the more mobile, but the abutment tab design is virtually identical to that of the Helix, so it is possible that it might require some adjustment for you. The SGX is smaller in girth and length, so you may gain mobility and lose some prostate contact. The MGX (the standard for many years) is slightly smaller than the Helix in girth (as measured over its entire length), and features ribbing at the base which some have asserted affords more traction.

    BF Mayfield
  • nooobnooob
    Posts: 2
    Thank you very much for your reply, luvinaneros and B Mayfield. Actually, here's what happened chronologically...

    1. I believe the tab was not making enough contact, therefore it didn't respond to my contraction well; I felt no pleasure.
    Next, I felt that the head of the Helix is pushing too deep and too hard against my rectum, which is uncomfortable and makes me want to take a dump. (Starting from the very first time, I prelube and also lube the aneros very well)

    2. I spent another 5-10 hours reading everything on the forum, and decided to modify the tab. Before modification, I used my finger to find the sweet spot, a method described in one of Mr. Mayfield's posts. After modification, the tab can now make better contact with my perineum.

    3. After the modification, the Helix now responds better to my muscle contraction. However, it seems like I have to contract very hard to move the Helix just slightly. I have been exercising my PC muscle for a year so it's not because my contractions are weak. It almost feels like the Helix is welded in me. I'm thinking maybe it's because I'm very skinny and the head of Helix is too large for my rectum. Besides that, I feel like the it just doesn't hit my sweet spot.

    I have been through approximately 2 sessions per week for 4 months, yet I feel like I'm still at the same spot where I started. (although the tab modification definitly made it a little more pleasurable) I'm willing to spend a few more months trying, but if there's any advice that may possibly improve my situation, please let me know!
  • It is normal to feel the urge to have a BM (bowel movement) anytime something if introduced into the rectum. This feeling should subside after 5-10 minutes. I am glad your modification has helped with perineum contact. I have a couple of questions. Do you have any history of hemorrhoids or anal fissure. Have you ever fractured your coccyx (tail bone). One of the smaller units might be better suited for you. I started with the MGX and had my first Super-O with this model. All of the stimulators are unique, at this time I have purchased all except for the SGX and the Eupho. The Eupho is next on my purchase list. I can not wait to purchase this model because the lack of ridges has made the helix more mobile for me. It sounds to me that the smaller head and lack of ridges would make the Eupho a logical choice. Don't hesitate to contact the support service either. They are very helpful and respond to email usually the same day if not the next.