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Got it but can't cross the river
  • I received my MGX one week ago and I have used it every day. The first day was a flop, but still determined I pressed on to the second day and final got somewhere. It was an increase in heart rate and a sudden flash of increased body heat from my waist to my forhead I am assumming it was a minor orgasim since everyone states to enjoy the moment while it is there but how can one enjoy it when they must keep up the rythem they started to make the orgasim more powerful or longer? Now reading more and trying out new things I have found that I might have been trying to hard to get it to work and decided to clench the muscles and then let it go completely.

    After a few minutes I suddenly had a different feeling no increase in heart rate but an interesting sensation from the base of my penius shaft up part way of my spine then suddenly it dissappears. No matter if I leave the MGX to go on it's own or try to jump in to get more powerful feelings.

    I am starting to think that the road to a regular orgasim is 5 areas
    1. Increased heart rate, Increased body heat
    2. Tingleing
    3. Convualtions, low feeling
    4. involentary contractions, High feeling
    5. All Above

    I have only been able to get to level 2. Every time I think it's going to go furthur the feeling begins to subside no mater what i do.

    My question is:
    Is there something I am doing wrong? Is there another piece of this puzzle I m suppose to do that I have not read? Or could this be something new that I might have to figure out myself?

    Hoping for answers and still trying,

  • It sounds to me you are getting closer just do not give up due to frustration. My first Super-O happened after several sessions just like the one you described. Good luck>