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That was really nice...but was that the S-O?
  • Hi, all! I just got the chance to play with my MGX again. I've been feeling lately that I'm close to something, but not sure how much further I hav to go. Now I'm not sure if I crossed the finish line, or found a side track, or what....

    To start with, I visited my folks for thanksgiving, so I had a few days where I didn't let off any steam the old reliable way, plus a two-hour drive home to think about it and get geared up for the Aneros. Cleaned up and lubed up as usual, and began to play. I got to the same point I described in my last post, feeling like I was beginning to plateau just before orgasm, a strong tingling in my abdomen, but the aneros was about to pop out. Following the advice I got, I pressed on, and the toy did, indeed, pop right out of there. I quickly re-inserted it, but couldn't get back to that "plateau." So I relaxed for awhile, just trying different positions, trying to get some involuntaries or some tingling going, watching some porn, etc. I grabbed some pillows , positioned them to keep the curly handle off the bed, and laid on my back. The perenium tab was in a new spot that seemed to deliver a little bit of extra sensation, so I left it there, and started a 1/3 strength anal contraction. Involuntary contractions started up very easily and I got a new, strange feeling. I had pleasure building up, but not a tingling, not in any specific place. I felt that something was rapidly building up, but in a very general way--no tingling, no discernable physical sensation, just a strong tension building that was very, very nice. It didn't peak, there was a very vague sense of crossing some threshold, and I suddenly felt like this electricity got switched on in my abdomen, spreading up to my ribcage. I was panting, grabbing the bed, riding this continuous wave of pleasure. It faded after about 30 seconds, a minute, I really can't say how long.

    Now, if that WASN'T the Super-O, I think the real thing might kill me. And if it wasn't what the hell was it? I liked it, I can't wait to try it again, but I'm just not sure. There wasn't any real sense of "release" like people talk about on here. There were no precursor sensations at all, just the sudden lightning bolt effect. It felt like a bolt of lightning began near my prostate and slowly stretched its way up to my solar plexus. There were no contractions (none of the 0.8-second contractions that usually define orgasm, male or female) that I could pick out. I didn't feel wiped out or dazed afterward.

    So, what do y'all think? Was that it or not? Either way, damn it felt good, and I want to do it again.
  • Okay, never mind, I just had 7 more of the same thing that happened last night, and that kind of removed all doubt. WOW. I've had this toy for like a year and a half now, and that was worth the wait, especially considering that was only the beginning. :-)