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Ascending Testicles
  • I noticed that upon completion/orgasm my testicles ascend up into my lower, abdominal cavity-the pouches on either side and above the testicles. (I don't know what the medical term is for this.) There's no pain, and they drop back down, but it's quite unusual and has never occurred in any sexual activity I've engaged in in the past, be it masturbatory, heterosexual-penis/vagina, or any anal play w/ other toys.

    I'm 42, quite fit-I swim 1/2 mile every other day-and have no medical issues. I also go for a physical every year.

    So what's up with this? Is this a common event? It kind of keeps me from wanting to continue to use aneros.

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    Good Ole Internet. Here's something I found; it might be beneficial to others:

    I read in another post that it is normal for the testicles to rise high in the scrotum, close to the body, just prior to and during ejaculation. What happens to me sometimes is that one testicle, usually my right one, goes so high that it is actually out of the scrotum and can be felt in my lower pelvic area. I can feel the testicle under the skin and "nudge" it back down into the scrotum. Is this normal, or should the testicle not go up that high?

    Movement of the testicles up and down in the scrotum is related to a reflex called the cremasteric reflex. The formation and maturation of sperm in the testicles requires an environment slightly cooler than the core body temperature. Therefore, different stimuli may cause the cremasteric muscles to contract and pull one or both testicles high in the scrotum and sometimes almost into the inguinal canal (pretty high up). Since the testicles originally descend through the inguinal canal shortly before birth on migration from the abdomen to the scrotum, there may be some residual laxity of the muscles that may allow the testicle to ascend relatively high in the scrotum with a cremasteric reflex. However, this should not be a source of concern since your testicles are “descended” and just retract high into the scrotum. What you may feel to be a pelvic position of the testicle during a cremasteric reflex may just be a high scrotal position which is essentially normal.

    I have read a few of the comments and discussion that has been generated by your original question and do not think that your symptoms are necessarily indicative of a hernia, although one could always be present. Your doctor would be the best person who can evaluate that
  • Each testicle has a muscle attached to it called the cremasteric muscle. These muscles keep the temperature of the testicles regulated as close to 37 degrees C. This is the optimal temperature for spermatogenesis. The creamasteric reflex can be observed with a simple stroke along the inner thigh with a blunt object such as a handle of a reflex hammer. It is normal for the testicles to ascend closer to the pelvis as a male approaches orgasm. Hope this answers some of your questions.