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Reached to a feeling but don't know
  • The same feeling that a an gets when they are about to reach to the point of no return when doing a penile ejaculation is the same feeling that one gets when they use the aneros, right? only difference is the point of pleasure is inside of the pelvis and not the penis glans, right? Well Here is my question.

    If this is the feeling and it is to lead to an orgasim then how can one achieve a higher version of this? If this feeling can grow more instense just by a slight increasment of presure but still with the same steady beat (rythem) then I guess it would take just a little time to increase the sensetivity of the prostate so that anything can cuase pleasure. If this it true the great but I just wanted a second opion.

    Also, I know that the aneros is suppose to give off the feeling of the there is a small cylinder stuck in you but, but if the feeling begins to feel like the aneros is slipping out but does not feel like it( to the touch) is this a proper position or is it suppose to feel as if it is completely in.

    One more puestion....

    I tried out my MGX for the first time and got noo where but was determined as of my last post that I will keep going on. On my second try I begun to feel something but could not reconize it. My heart rate increased dramatically and a incredible increas in tempeture flushed over my skin from the pelvis to my forhead. The feeling wasn't pleasurable just weird. Was this a small orgasim or the beginning of the orgasim or is it the start to the road of pleasure?

    I hope someone answers just some questions that I have flowing around in my head and as the people who invented this device they say it is best to keep a open, focused, and free mind. With these questions I think I am being distracted.

    Well Still trying,

    Carrot ^.^\/