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In "tune" with the aneros
  • I have owned the helix and mgx for about two weeks now. I have used both numerous times, and have achieved different results with both. Although I have not reached the elusive super O yet, I am really beginning to enjoy these little oddly shaped pieces of plastic. The entire process of using an aneros makes me feel deliciously naughty! I am like a teenager with a porno when school has been snow'd out...

    It would be an understatement to say that every time I use an aneros, I discover something new about myself. Yet I am always shocked when something new happens. My first week I discovered some extremely pleasurable things, but they seemed forced and involved very intense contractions. This last week I eased off and went for a much more laid back approach. Here is what I have discovered:

    1: I have learned that just having the aneros in, is in fact a very pleasureable experience. I feel no discomfort during the initial insertion anymore, nor am I tense for any amount of time afterword. All of the muscles back there seem to accept and even want my new toys. I have accepted the fact that I indeed enjoy "butt play," and still love women. I find no conflict here, and this has enabled me to relax more. May my next girlfriend enjoy is as much as I do :P

    2: I found that the lube question is not as simple as everyone claims. You need to lube up, but to what extent is the question. More is not always better. Playing with different amounts I have discovered that too much signals my body to work harder at ejecting waste. 4 - 5 ml on the injector was far to much, and most was expelled during the session(it was replaced with something, and that something is counter productive I feel.) I found that 3 ml was more then enough if the aneros itself was also lubricated well. No leakage and much less mess when it was removed after the fun... Is this common or is this something that is indeed different for everyone?

    3: I have found over time that I become more "in tune" with the aneros. I have noticed that if I centre my thoughts on my heart beat, that after a very short time I can feel that same pulse all over my body. I can even feel it in my pc and sphincter muscles. This makes my mind feel very "in synch" with my body and is very pleasent. Every beat of my heart causes the helix/mgx to subtley move inside me. This is not so much physical pleasure, as it as a feeling of connection with your own body. Is this common? I feel much much more "in tune" with my bodies processes. If this is all the aneros achieved it would still be worth the money...