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I feel something not mentioned nor pleasurable
  • I have just received my new MGX Aneros an I have tried it out for about two hours and nothing. Now thats not new what new is that the MGX (after insterting it) felt as if I wanted to push the MGX out but could only be removed by hand. My problem is that I feel no presure inside of me at all when I inserted it completely in, but when I pushed up and forward on the MGX I would feel a presure. Is this the feeling that I am suppose to feel or is it different between every other guy. I mean do some guys not feel the presure against thier prostate but after days or months of trying still achieve pleasure or does the presure have to be evident.

    If the MGX is giving me no presure against my prostate then either I cannot use this or the MGX cannot reach my prostate due to it being too short.

    I was wondering on any suggestions

    I am I doing it right? Is the presure really needs to be there? Do I need just try some more?

    I am willing to try as long as it takes to get it working but if I am suppose to get have a strong (but not harmful) presure against my prostate at all times then I might not be able to use the Aneros no matter how long or whatever I try.

    I am not mad nor discouraged about my very first expiernence but would like to know if it is going any where.

    Confused, loyal, still trying

  • (this post was edited 2005-11-23 04:59:09)

    I was in the same boat that you are in when I first got my MGX, and thought that I was destined for failure because I didn't feel anything. However, like so many other threads say... stick with it. It just takes a bit of time and practice for your body to become accustomed to it. ALthough I still haven't reached the super-o yet (after about a month) I definitely have made progress and can invoke involuntaries, and get a bit of pre-cum, so I remain quite hopeful.

    As far as the pressure thing you talk about, I know exactly what you mean. I could only feel anything initially, when I would push the MGX deepr inside of me and up towards my prostate. However, you don't need to do this to use it. your body will get used to it with practice, and eventually it will respond. For me I think it was about my 5th session that I actually was able to start feeling it with my involuntaries.

    Hope this helps. ALso if you'd like to read more on what took me from not feeling anything, to where I am now, I have most of it documented pretty well in a thread titled "My First Attempt" here ( ). Good luck and let us know!