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  • Hey, everybody. I feel like I'm calling into a radio show, "First time poster, long time lurker..." Anyway, I'm 26, straight, and I've had my MGX for about a year and a half now. I got it because I've seen what women's orgasms are of my ex-GFs kept passing out after her 20th or so lasted over a minute. It just seems a wee little bit unfair to me, but I didn't write the rules.

    I haven't used it very regularly, but each time I do, I seem to get a little bit closer to the Super-O. The things which seem to be holding me back are:
    -Trouble focusing on the sensations
    -Unable to sustain the involuntaries, or "damping" them out by using too hard a contraction
    -Too much muscle tension throughout the body
    -The damned toy pops out

    Tonight, I got the closest I've been, I was able to really tune in the sensations, I was relaxed, and the involuntaries were running along just fine, but it felt like it was about to fly across the room, so I backed off. Then I couldn't get back to that point. Of course, I finished off with the old reliable method and that was teriffic, as it always is after playing with the Aneros.

    Let's see, I started off with a smallish enema (~8oz), then just laid back and fantasized for a bit. Applied some lube, (astroglide internally and K-Y Jelly on the Aneros) inserted, and relaxed for a minute or two. I was laying on my back, with my hands under my pelvis. I've found this lets me keep track of the aneros, and keeps the curly handle from hitting the bed. It also makes it easier to adjust the perenium tab when that need arises. Then, one or two strong anal contractions while focusing on the toy hitting the prostate. Then holding a 1/8-1/4 strength contraction, pulsing it just a bit to kick-start the involuntaries. The sensations that led me (and I use that word deliberately, they led me, not the other way round) to what I consider my closest approach yet to the Super-O (I think) were totally unlike penile stimulation. It was more like a tingling or warmth, not in the prostate, but centered somewhere in my guts about an inch or two below the navel. I was breathing rapidly from the abdomen, and building up some rectal tension in addition to the gentle anal contraction, which seemed to intensify things quite nicely. I was both focussing on the sensations and thinking about some of the more intense female orgasms I've seen. I began to feel like I was plateauing, like the last minute or so leading up to the point of no return of a standard-issue ejaculatory orgasm. Then it suddenly began to feel like the toy was about to pop out. I backed off the rectal contraction, and came down just a bit. I was able to get back on the wave, but the same thing happened again. This time I reached up with a finger (hands still under my hips) and checked, the thing seemed to be right where it was supposed to be. I backed off again anyway, and cooled off rapidly.

    I'm not frustrated by this turn of events, actually, I'm excited about how close the big bang seems to be. But if anyone has any advice on how to maintain the delicate balance between sphincter and rectum without sending the aneros flying across the room like a cannonball, I'd love to hear it!

  • caltoncalton
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    Congratulations Elsdragon00! -

    Well done - so close, you're almost there. Your post is a tribute to your ability to sticking with it. Others should take note from this and learn from your post. I hope that you make it soon and by your account you soon will.
    I would have thought you could feel more relaxed if you supported your lower back with a pillow rather than your hands. You can still provide the Aneros with freedom to move by ensuring the edge of the supporting pillow does not touch the handle. But if your method works for you ... go with it!
    I am surprised that you are concerned about losing the MGX across the room. You relate that it was still in place despite sensations to the contrary. I would have thought that you would have had to 'push' extremely hard to expel the MGX even with lubrication. My MGX is probably the one Aneros device that 'sits' well and is gripped very tight by the sphincter muscles. I think you should just keep going the next time that you are on the threshold - and throw caution to the wind!
    Good luck!


  • Edit
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    I found a trick that will enable you to relax. What I do when I get that feeling is lay on my back. On my back there's simply no way to lose the Aneros, it'll stay in because it can't pop out, on account of the bed and pillow behind my tush.

    And yeah it seems like you're nearly there... only a little bit more and you're in super-O territory :):) COol!!