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11 Months and so close
  • TeeJayTeeJay
    Posts: 55
    I have been using the Aneros for 11 months now. I own three models; MGX, Eupho and Helix.

    I can achieve the same results with any of these models. I have used every technique described in this forum. I have experienced every feeling/sensation described in this forum with the exception of an orgasmic release.

    I use the Aneros 3 to 4 times a week. My sessions last from 1hr to 2hrs. As frequently stated on this forum, you become very in tune with your body's responses. I feel that I have reached the level of advanced user. I enjoy the sessions. It is very pleasurable.

    I just can't bring it over the edge!

    I can bring myself to such a state that it feels that my body will release at any moment but it never does.

    I would like some of the more experienced users on this forum to perhaps offer some advice. I feel that I have run out of options.

    I'd like to take this to the ultimate level.

    Thanks all.

  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Congratulations!!!! you are now a member of an exclusive club, many males who are tettering on the edge of orgasmic
  • BobbyGBobbyG
    Posts: 10
    Ram a huge carrot up your ass and pull hard on both big toes. Squeeze very, very hard. (Don't fart!)

    That'll do it. You'll glue ya eyeballs to the roof when they pop out!

    Ha Ha !

    far too little humor on this board!