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Am I become a multiorgasmic man with aneros?
  • Hi all friends of Aneros Forum!
    I would like to share my 2 first (in some way, unexpected!) sessions sensations with aneros. Few days ago I received MGX and Helix and I tryed both. I found MGX more "comfortable", for a man who is not accustomed to anal paly (as I am). The insertion was much easier then I expected (I was really afraid about this matter...)and I suddenly felt pleasurable feelings just inside my rectum, I guess from my prostate. It was so strongly nice that I could not just relax and waiting for "unvoluntary" reactions. I started with anal(PC?) muscle contractions which were so pleasurable, also holding contractions as long as I could. I was unexpectedly aroused, my breathe was fast, nearly convulsive, so it was not possible just to relax...I got hard erections without touching my penis. At that point I felt "natural" move my hip, all around so as up and down, and also laying on my belly and pushing my penis against the bed, as if I were having a sexual intercourse. It was so strongly pleasurable!
    I was so aroused that I tried to use my hands, pushing the aneros inside my rectum (maybe too much, since I felt a little pain , probably it was my prostate). I had a lot pre-precum liquid, but I did not reach anything to be defined as "unvoluntary".
    In both sessions I had to touch my penis to reach the orgasm. But at that point happend something very unusual (for me!): I had strong and convulsive ejaculatory contractions, as if I were regularly ejaculating, but just a little amount of liquid came out...It was such a strong sensation, both internal and external ("penile")!. After that I clearly felt that I was still full of spermatic liquid and I "had" to expell it. So, in both sessions, I had to "finish" with a regular masturbation and I had a full ejaculatory orgasm, as if I did not have another orgasm few minutes before. All those sensations were greatly deeper and stronger than I had before in ly life!
    Even if I am anyway satisfied of my new "toy friend", now I have some doubts I would like to share with all of you:
    1) Was I wrong from the beginning, starting using the aneros in a very "active" way? Did I have to try to relax anyway, doing contracting excercices for a longtime?
    2) The first orgasms I had are in some way super os? It seems something in the middle, since I had some spermatic expultion...
    3) Is it wrong to move my body (hip, using hands,etc.) in order to get more pleasure?
    4) Can I use the aneros while having sexual intercourse with my wife (she is waiting forword to looking at me during this new experience...)?
    5) Is it dangeorus to push aneros against prostate vigorously if it hurts a little bit (it does hurt, but it is contemporarily very pleasurable...)?
    6) Am I already a multi-orgasmic man? :)))

    I hope I have given new interesting information to all forum friends and I will be happy to receive your advice and answers to my questions.

    Thank you
  • caltoncalton
    Posts: 111
    permasto -

    What you describe is yourself enjoying the pleasure that your body can offer. Remember that all of this is not about rules! But your questions seek answers so my observations may help to clarify some of your points.
    Bear in mind that your Aneros is designed to work in a certain way, a way that will lead to the achievement of hands-free (dry) multi orgasms. These are brought about (generally) by following the instructions (on-line too) and form much of the patterns of the threads in the Forum. The idea of the Aneros is not about manually controlled anal/prostate stimulation - there are other devices probably better suited. Being multi-orgasmic using an Aneros (for me - and others I guess) is about the creation of a number of consecutive dry-orgasms (Super Os) - orgasms that because they last and last - and can be achieved without the usual (and unlike a penile induced ejaculation) refractory period, offer a 'wholly new' sensual experience.
    One of the great things is that you (and your partner) are looking forward to intercourse with the Aneros in place. I can guarantee you will amazed at the intensity of your orgasm - try it soon! You will be tempted to never have sex without it in place, ever again! You will experience a rise in the number of contractions on ejaculation and an increase in the volume of seminal fluid. Awesome!
    Try and take things a bit slower in a solo context - read some of B F Mayfield's posts and Bee-Line threads for guidance - given the intensity of what you experienced at your first session you will be giving yourself Super Os all too soon!

  • cartercarter
    Posts: 10
    Your experience sounds alot like my first, my second will be tonight. I noticed a few of the benefits you could have using this with your wife. If you are nearing ejaculation, and contract your PC muscle it is going to actualy stop it. Making you able to go alot longer. I think she will like that. Also as stated above you'll have a nice orgasm with your ejaculation. (Cant Wait Until Tonight...)
  • Edit
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    Calton and Carter, thanks to both of you for your reply.
    I had no more sessions with my aneros, since I did not find the "right" free time necessary to be fully relaxed, which is supposed to be so important.
    I resally appreciated your information and advices. But I still have no answers to items 2) and 5).In details:
    - is it normal having a sort of ejaculation, with just a little spermatic liquid when aneros is inserted? In the forum I have read many times that with aneros inserted, ejaculation should be with a great volume of seminal fluid. I also see that in Jackson's videos. For me it is happening the contrary: a lot of pleasure, but just a little volume (so little that I have to ejaculate later on with regular masturbation);
    - the little pain I felt during pushing the aneros again my prostate in "milking" action is it dangerous or is it ok?

    I hope you can help me again... Or maybe some other forum members can. Thank you

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Pardon me for jumping in here, but I missed your thread the first time around and didn't see your questions.

    I think it's important to address your number five first, ( it dangerous to push the Aneros against your prostate vigorously?

    Despite what you might have observed in videos that have been circulated, the Aneros is NOT designed to be worked manually (by hand)... vigorously or otherwise. This device has been anatomically designed and functions as a lever so that it engages the prostate with very little effort... with anal contractions alone. Ones hand generates a great deal more force than ones sphincter, and this force is magnified at the tip of the unit such that it can cause damage. From time to time I'll see a post from an uninformed newbie reporting that they've drawn blood from doing this. If you've found this practice painful..... I think that says it all. There is nothing about Aneros use that should really be painful (outside of a little initial discomfort for those who are new to anal play). Pain is your body's way of saying....don't go there!. So don't!

    What I'm suggesting here is that if you're into prostate milking the Aneros is NOT the tool of choice. For those that are, there are other implements available, (although all of these carry some inherent element of risk with them).

    With regard to your second question about an orgasm with the Aneros and the amount of ejaculate, from what you've written it seems as if you're having a more traditional orgasmic experience, albeit a hands off one...... rubbing and grinding your penis against a bed (gaining penile stimulation) while the Aneros is inserted.

    If this is so, it is possible that you're not getting enough penile stimulation to make for an adequate ejaculation nor are you truly engaging in the process of the non-ejaculatory orgasm (Super O). Have you tried full hands on penile stimulation (penile masturbation) with the Aneros inserted? It's possible that you will get the more satisfying and voluminous ejaculation that you desire by that route.

    BF Mayfield
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    thanks a lot for your suggestions. Now I am sure I don't have to exaggerate in pushing the aneros again my prostate so hard with my hands. Pain said me something...You are also right that I should using the aneros without hands. The fact is that anal play is something quite new for me and pleasure I feel is so intense that I am curious to discover it and it is not easy for me to manage it rationally.

    As far as the amount of ejaculation, actually I finished with a regular and complete hands on penile masturbation, but it seems like the aneros pressure stops the ejection of seminal liquid. Yesterday I had my 3rd session and when I finished with the regular hands on penile masturbation (with aneros inserted) I had just a little fluid at the beginning, so I let aneros out from my rectum and it seemed like I “opened” something and all the ejaculation came out (it was all very pleasurable, since it lasted much more than a regular ejaculation). But the point is that it seems like aneros stops the fluid coming out from my body during the ejaculation when it keeps inserted. And this is not what I expect if I would use it during sexual intercourse with my wife. What do you think about that?

    As an update, in my 3rd session I experienced my first involuntary contractions: wow! Unbelievably intense and pleasurable! All my body was having contractions coming from my anus. It was hard not to groan aloud! Do you think I am not far away from super o?

    Thank you if you would answer again to all those last questions.