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Impressions from a new user II
  • (this post was edited 2005-11-11 11:46:03)

    (this post was edited 2005-11-11 11:15:21)

    I have had the helix and mgx for 4 days now and I have used each twice. Each seems to be better at achieving different results.

    The helix seems to hit just the right spot if I hold a 50% contraction with my rectum, and around 20% with my pc. This starts a rush of warm waves rolling over me that seem to build up(to what I do not yet know.) I find oddly enough that contrary to what most people seem to say, the tab is less agressive than the mgx.

    The mgx is much easier for me to insert because the end is not as blunt. The tab seems to drive home upon deep contractions which feels nice. Last night I really got the involuntaries going with this unit. I would almost call them violent. Although not painful in any way, they were just not hitting the right spot.

    What I suspect is that I need to combine these two things. Get the involuntary contractions rolling, and then gently guide them to the right spot with my own contractions. This seems tricky as too much thought stops the involuntaries dead in there tracks. I was able to start them again fairly easily within a few minutes so I will need to experiment. The law of the minimum seems to be the key with the aneros. It almost has a will of its own, and if you fight it, it fights you back.

    Now my only question is about precum. I have never really dribbled or leaked so I am just not sure I am wired this way, but it is something I would certainly like to cultivate for my aneros sessions. I guess I am wierd like that. I really like my fluids, and so do a lot of women(well not MY fluids, but their guys fluids.) What does it feel like? How does it happen? Is it something I could learn? I believe it would hieghten the excitement of my sessions significantly...

    Happy Aneroiding
  • caltoncalton
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    Cagliostro -

    Am glad to read that you have made good intial progress. Your questions all seem to lie at the end of your post!
    What we understand as 'pre-cum' is also known as pre-ejaculatory fluid - or Cowper's fluid (and it's also a constituent of seminal fluid) is the product of our (male) Cowper's gland (actually a pair). They sit at the base of - and above - the 'bulb' of the penis. The dual purpose of the (alkaline) fluid is to neutralise any acidity that may be present due to residual urine - acid that would be a threat to the survival of sperm contained in the seminal fluid. It also acts as a sexual lubricant to aid vaginal penetration - along with the product of the female equivalent - Bartholin's glands.
    The action of the Aneros and the abuttment in particular, squeezes the Cowper's gland which is sandwiched between the bulb of the penis and the prostate. You could look to the Aneros on-line-instructions for a diagram to help understand this action.
    You ask how it feels. Well this is the great bit - I think it feels wonderful! The start of the fluid beginning to run is usually a good indicator as to your level of sexual stimulation and is highly stimulating in itself.
    You could look to my recent post that describes digital stimulation of the perineum if you want to encourage a more profuse flow of pre-ejaculate fluid. Bear in mind that there is an individual aspect to this - some of us produce a lot of fluid - others less.

  • (this post was edited 2005-11-11 23:30:51)

    Thanks for the response. As I said, the idea of "leaking" has always been exciting for me. I count myself lucky to have had several girlfriends that have had such a talent in various forms. I am in love with the idea, I just do not know the physiology behind it. Your post has been most helpful though.

    Sorry if my "impressions of a new user" posts were devoid of questions. I did not write them so much as a means to ask questions. I was writing them more to solidify my own experiences, and to encourage other new users. I probably could stand to be more direct with my questions seeing as we have such a wonderful community here!

    I am lucky in a way to have experienced the things I have in so little time, but unlucky in other ways, like my complete lack of "drainage." I guess much like the super O, it will happen in time and I should not get to hung up on it. Focus on the good and more good will come of it right?