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Impressions from a new user
  • (this post was edited 2005-11-10 07:56:23)

    Hi everyone. I just wanted to share my first experience with some of the other new people that are having trouble. Although not achieving the super O I feel as though I was fairly successful. I will give some basic facts about myself. I am 29, straight, 6' and 180 pounds.

    I started off with what I suspect is the normal cleaning routine. I bought the pump off the website, filled it up and flushed myself out twice. This seemed to do the trick and I feel was the most difficult part of the entire experience. I honestly believe that if you can get past this stage, and stay semi relaxed you are well on your way. I was pretty tense afterword and things went well for me.

    I purchased the helix special, not being able to decide between the helix or the mgx. Hell, why not get both. I choose to start with the helix. I filled the little injector to 5(also ordered off the website) and also lubed the helix up well. I am pure rookie when it comes to anal play, so penetration although not painful, was not all together comfortable. The discomfort went away soon enough and I was able to relax in a matter of minutes.

    I basicly just started playing around with different levels of contractions, trying to identify different feelings. After becoming comfortable moving it around slowly I played with speed. With alternating slow and fast, light and hard, different positions. I realized that although I was not seeing much in the way of progress toward the super O, I rather enjoyed my new buddy back there. I settled down onto my back and decided to just stay put for a while as I felt it was the most pleasurable position. At this point the helix started to regularly hit several nice spots. The abutment tab became more apparent and started to produce pleasant sensations. I hit a spot and held the contraction there. What I discovered was that the feeling would grow, and then start to subside. If I released and contracted again I could sort of pick up half way, thus building to new levels.

    What happened next snuck up on me. I was totally unprepared when warm waves started washing over me. Each one getting more and more intense. My entire waste felt like it was on the verge of one giant orgasm. Sorry to say it did not happen, I freaked out. However, I was able to reproduce the same thing within a couple more minutes.

    What I felt was certainly familiar, although I can not place from where. The experience left me feeling very peaceful and at ease. I am sure the next session will be even better as I will be less nervous. Anyway, good luck everyone. My advice is just to play around. Don't take it to seriously. Find something that feels good and go with it. Then try to tweek it a tiny bit. If it doesnt work return to what worked and try another small adjustment. I found a variety of musles that I had no idea I could control and each one moved the unit in a different way.