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Just recieved the aneros MGX
  • Hey, just recieved my Aneros MGX in the mail, along with a lubricant applicator, and some KY jelly. Is there any tips/advice that i should know for my first session?

    Ill post back with the results later

  • Well, followed the box guidelines, lay for about 15 minutes practicing muscle clenches.

    Absaloutley nothing, once its inside, it may as well not be there. I just about lost my erection, it was that dull. I'll read up on techniques, and keep practicing though i guess.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Trichrome,

    Keep at it, it might take a while. As you can see from the forum, not many of us were able to hit it right out of the box. Everyone is different and it might take some expirimentation. You will be surprised at how you will get to know yourself in a different way.

    Hang in there.