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How did you find out about prostate massaging and Aneros Mas
  • Hi all,

    I'm 47 years old, married 25 years and only just found out about prostate massaging through watching a satellite program by accident. It's terrible that when matters of male sexual and health are not discussed openly as many may regard this type of stimulation as "not normal".

    After watching the program I went on to the internet to find out more about the subject. There were a large amount about Prostate C***er but then I came across sites advertising male sex toys including Aneros products. Because I did not have knowledge of these types of products I was lost and no idea what they were or how they were used. Continuing my search I stumbled on this forum.

    The knowledge of information by reading the posts was astounding. I could not stop reading and came to the conclusion I have to purchase one of these. But now for the hard part, how to approach my wife and tell her about my proposed purchase. Not to offend her I used the health advantages of purchasing such an item and not the sexual, as I had a vacectomy many years ago and using such a product would help keep the prostate healthy and active. She agreed that I could purchase one, so on to a E-web store in my country and purchased the "Aneros Helex" and accesseries. The items are being delivered tomorrow.

    I must congratulate the Aneros team for an excellent range of products and this forum for giving me such a wealth of information. Also I managed to download the video. Although a little bit explicit at the beginning it was also very informative in the use of the Aneros massager.