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What Model to Buy? Best at Getting a Super-O?
  • cartercarter
    Posts: 10
    I am curious as to which model to purchase. As it stands right now I am looking tword the Helix or MGX. What model gives a higher success rate at achieving a Super-O? Any help is appreciated.
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    I am also curious as to this matter. Anyone going to reply?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,092
    The MGX and the Helix are both good choices for the newbie. Deciding between them is a bit trickier. If you look carefully through the forum (go back several pages) you will see threads like yours that pose the same question, and many Aneros users have chimed in with their opinions. I myself am rather partial to the Helix (see my review in Next Generation Reviewedthread above. In reality you can't go wrong with either device. Is one more successful in producing the Super O sooner than another? Originally, (when I first posted my review on the Helix), I thought that this might be the case. But there really hasn't been a clear cut winner on that. The truth is regardless of which model you ultimately buy, there will be some learning that you will have to do. The point is to start your journey as soon as possible....take the plunge!

    BF Mayfield
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hey Guys,

    I am thinking that the reason nobody is jumping in here is because there is no right answer. If there was one particular model that was guaranteed to get you there, that would be sweet. There are many posts that have been in the forum that has asked the same question. Maximus had a post from a year or so ago that he went through the different models and gave his input. I went back and copied it for you, here it is.


    There are other posts for you to review as well. Use the search function to find them.


    A Comparison of Four Aneros Models

    I've been using the Aneros for several years now, so when the Next Gen models were introduced, I just had to try them. Currently, I have four different Aneros' (or is that Aneri?), the Classic, SGX, Helix, and Eupho, and I thought I'd share my experiences with them with you, the members of this forum. One thing that should be evident reading the posts here is that everybody is different. Different techniques and methods produce different results for different people. Keeping that in mind, it might be helpful to let you know a little bit of background about myself as it pertains here. I'm in my middle 50's, hetero, married 30 years, 6'2" 185 pounds. Up until discovering the Aneros web site about three years ago, my experience with anal play and prostate stimulation was quite limited. If I had to put a number on it, probably less than ten encounters, all solo. This paucity of experience was not due to a lack of interest, insomuch as a lack of results. So when I stumbled upon the Aneros site those years ago, I was very encouraged. Here was a device that claimed a new sensual experience, with easy to follow by-the-numbers instructions. There was no forum then, so I read, and re-read the testimonials and instructions, and ordered the Aneros that day.

    The Classic
    The model I received is now referred to as the Classic. Its closest counterpart today would be the MGX. My first experience was quite uneventful: I felt next to nothing and wasn't able to get the thing to move at all-- even with the strongest contractions and copious amounts lube. I wasn't discouraged, though. The experience was not at all unpleasant, being on the good side of neutral, and there was some fluid leakage so I knew at least it was hitting the prostate, even though I couldn't feel it. Also I had read somewhere that the prostate needs to be awakened to sensation in some people, and I figured given my age and lack of experience, that it was likely that I was one of those people.

    This is probably a good place to make a comment about lube. As I said, even the predessor to this Forum was not in existance yet, so everything I learned about using the Aneros was pretty much through self discovery, and that included the lube. In my futile attempt to get the Aneros to move in those initial encounters, I tried many different things. Although I tried them, I don't recommend non-water soluble lubes such as Vaseline, Albolene, and silcone. Not only are they messy and stain clothing, sheets and towels, but I don't think that coating the inside of rectum with grease is a good thing to do. You might know that when medicine can't be delivered to a patient orally, it is administered anally because it is readily absorbed by the anus into the bloodstream. Frankly, I don't want silicone in my blood stream. Of the water based lubes, K-Y Jelly is in readily available and inexpensive, but dries out quickly, and worse, becomes sticky as it drys. So, I would recommend a water soluable gel made for sex such as ID, AstroGlide, etc. Currently I use Adam & Eve Gel from Even though it's a house brand, it works as good as or better than the name brands I've tried- at least it does for me. It stays slippery a long time and doesn't become sticky as it drys.

    But I digress. After some practice, and discovering the right lube, I was able to get some motion with the Classic. I found that I had to push out as well as pull in when on my side. Later, I discovered that a kneeling position worked well for me as it let gravity take care of the outward motion. Although each Aneros encounter felt better than the last, I still wasn't experiencing anything like what was described in the testamonials, but I did discover the Aneros fundamentals of Relax, Relax, Relax, focus on the sensations, not the goal, and that applying the usual sexual techniques of faster/harder just don't work. It took about two months before I had what I consider my break through. I hadn't entirely given up on the more is better idea yet, so I decided that I was going to devote an entire day to the Aneros and keep at it until something happened. After about two and half hours of contractions in various positions, my prostate became sensitized and the heart palpatations and body spasms began. That convinced me that there really was something to this thing.

    As I became more familiar with Classic, I realized that it had some short comings for me. Most serious was the lack of contact with perineum tab. Even with a full contraction, the tab was just barely making contact. I finally got the courage up to take a heat gun to it and bend the tab forward. Make no mistake, this is not an easy adjustment to make. Go just slightly too far, and it won't stay in. Heat it too much and you'll wind up with glob of plastic. After a good deal of trial and error I was able to get the tab in a better position for me, but there is still no contact with perineum when fully relaxed. I noticed too that when fully contracted, the Classic was going beyond the most sensitive area of my prostate, and that a shorter model might work better for me. I also found that I got the most pleasure from the Classic when I applied a very slight upward pressure on the handle, no more than that required to stabilize it, as that brought the Classic into closer contact with my prostate.

    One other point before I move on. I find that my prostate becomes desensitized if I don't use the Aneros for several weeks, and that as a consequence, the warm-up part of the session takes a greater amount of time. To prepare, I sometimes will wear the Aneros under clothing around the house for an hour or so to sort of jump start things the day of an Aneros session. I find wearing the Classic uncomfortable, bordering on painful at times, so I wouldn't recommend it for that purpose.

    The SGX
    As I said, the Classic was reaching a little too far when fully contracted, so when the SGX came out, I bought one. Sure enough, it did a better job of stimulating my sensitive spots when contracting, and had the benefit of a firmer perenium tab contact. In addition, as it is not only shorter, but thinner than the Classic, it moves with greater freedom and less lube. Of course with the good comes the not so good. Although the shorter SGX hits the right areas for me and moves more freely, its shorter length limits the amount of motion obtainable and makes it more likely to pop out at inopportune times. Also, its smaller size makes it less physically aggressive than the Classic, and there are times when you might prefer a little greater aggression than the SGX offers. 'Wearability' is better than the Classic, but again, its size makes it more likely to pop out. Like the Classic, I find I get better prostate contact if I apply a very slight upward pressure on the handle. Despite its smaller size, I've had some of my most intense pleasures with the SGX.

    The Helix
    When I saw the first picture of the Helix, I knew I had to have one. I could tell by its shape that it was going to be hitting the right spots. In fact, as others have noted, it seems to go right to them. At its widest the Helix is as wide as the Maximus model, but unlike the Maximus it tapers more rapidly and appears to be blunter. There is no problem maintaining contact with prostate with this model. I have fluid leakage immediately upon initial insertion. No need to pull up on the handle either. The larger diameter of the Helix does take more lube and effort to get it moving than either the Classic or the SGX, but its unique shape provides a very pleasant sensation similar to that of finger being curled around your prostate once it gets going. The perineum tab is of a different design than that of the Classic and SGX, and its smaller diameter makes deeper contact. Firm perineum contact remains a problem for me when relaxed and I think a little forward adjustment of the tab would be an improvemnt for me, but I'm as of yet reluctant to resort to the heat gun. Despite its larger size, I actually find the Helix less aggressive than the Classic which I attribute to its greater contact area. I've not worn the Helix for any length of time, but from the little experience I've had, it appears to be more comfortable than the Classic.

    The Eupho
    So many toys, so little time. I've not had a great deal of experience with the Eupho as of yet. I've been having too much fun with the Helix, but here is what I can tell you. The Eupho is the longest and thinnest of the line, and has the same tab design as the Helix. I find however that the tab on the Eupho seems to make better contact on me than the Helix. Because of its smaller diameter, the Eupho is able to move from side to side a bit as it moves in and out, adding yet another sensation. The bulbous tip of the Eupho is smaller in diameter than the bump in its middle. For me, this bump hits the prostate perfectly when at rest, so like the Helix, it finds the prostate with ease. Pushing out a little causes the prostate to be embraced between the bump and tip - in effect squeezing it from both top and bottom. Also like the Helix, the Eupho doesn't require me to apply any upward pressure on the handle to improve contact. I was prepared to say that my initial impression of the Eupho was that it was less effective than my other models, but then last night, I had a very intense and pleasurable session with Eupho, so much so, that I've changed my mind regarding its effectiveness. In terms of aggressivness, the Eupho is perhaps the mildest of all. I've not worn the Eupho yet, but I expect that due to its thinness, length, and gentle angle, it might be well suited for this purpose.

    The Models Not Purchased
    As noted earlier I do not own either the MGX, or my namesake model, the Maximus and, at this time, have no plans to purchase either of them. That shouldn't discourage you, however. As far as the MGX is concerned, it is similar enough to my modified Classic to not make me curious about it. By-in-large, the comments I made about the Classic should apply to the MGX with exception of those regarding the perineum tab whose design is said to be an improvement over the Classic. If size was my game, then Maximus would be in my collection, but it isn't and I suspect that I'd have a difficult time getting any freedom of motion with it.

    Each of my Aneri have distinct advantages and disadvantages, and which one I choose to use depends a lot on my mood. Honestly, I'm glad to have the luxury of choice in this regard. My recommendation to someone contemplating their first Aneros purchase would be the Helix, with the caveat that it ties the Maximus in its maximum diameter. For the complete anal novice, or someone looking for something not quite so large, the MGX or Classic might be preferable. The SGX and Eupho will do the trick, but may be a bit too subtle for someone just starting out. For those who are into size, the Maximus is the obvious choice. My recommendation though would be to consider the SGX, Eupho, and Maximus as second models for those with previous Aneros experience looking for a little variety. Of course, only you know what's right for you, and I hope the information I've provided here will be an aid in your decision.


  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,092
    Be advised that Maximus' did NOT review the MGX, only the MGX classic. The classic is slowly being phased out (and may not be available at this time). The difference between the Classic and the current production MGX.... no nodules on the tip of the unit, and a lower more effective (to my way of thinking) abutment tab (engages the perineum nearer the anus). Still every model has it's fans, which says something about anatomical variation.

  • caltoncalton
    Posts: 111
    carter - shade

    B F Mayfield has it right. In a way there is no definitive answer here.

    My experience started with the MGX and then I moved on to using the Helix (I bought them both at the same time). Recently my curiosity led me to acquire the Maximus. As B F M states the sensations that each produces are quite different so comparisons are difficult. I found that the MGX offered a way to discovering what the Aneros can offer so once you have developed skills and understanding it makes the experience with the Helix all the more rewarding as it moves around far more freely. I would not recommend the Maximus for anyone starting out - the 'fuller' sensations are great but I think my success with it is because I have 'learnt' how to make best use of it through 'training' myself with the other models.

    Few speak about the Eupho and I have yet to purchase it (but very - very soon!). Aneros suggest it is best suited to those with well developed PC muscle control and are experienced users.

    The great thing about having more than one model is you can ring the changes - but regardless - no two sessions are the same anyway!

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    Sounds like the Helix may be more for me. I am not completely new to anal play, and in fact heres a tip for those who may be interested. If you take a few drops of lube on your finger and gently massage your rectum, you will feel it losening, seemingly becomming softer, and it is a perfect way to begin a session in preparation for accepting the aneros. Losening up the rectum in this mannor will give you more comfort when using an aneros or other anal toy.