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Introducing the ANEROS BLOGS
  • supportsupport
    Posts: 230
    Hello All,

    We've had requests from a few forum members (thank you Buster) for a journal-style feature on the website, so here it is -- the Aneros Blogs.

    Using the "find other posts by this user" feature to look back at old posts throughout the forum, it's really to neat to see an Aneros user steadily learn new things about himself as he makes progress towards the Super-O. Take st0rmraven for example. The Blogs make seeing this progress easy.

    We've tried to informally link the forum and blogs together. Forum members with blog entries will have a "+" next to their usernames. You will also be able to somewhat easily transfer one of your posts to a blog entry.

    We'll be adding new features to the Blogs and welcome any suggestions. Send them our way.

    Happy Blogging, Aneros Style.

    The Aneros Staff