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Throughout the day
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    My wife and I are about to order two of these. My question is... has anyone had experience wearing this throughout the day say at work? I notice it is a harder plastic than silicone and doesn't really contour to the body. Will it break when we sit down or do the extensions lay flat inside clothing?
  • caltoncalton
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    I notice a reluctance (MY immediate reaction on reading your question) to offer a response. Assuming your enquiry is genuine, I wonder why you would want to 'wear' an Aneros device throughout daily activity apart from curiosity value. I am aware that other threads have referred to experiences of doing this but I remain puzzled about the point. Even as an exercising device it's use during the day would not be best suited.(?)

    So, if I answer your question, with a question - why would you want to do it? The Aneros IS tailored to sit comfortably where it is designed to go so am confused what you say about it's unsuitability. You also say that your partner and you have purchased devices - 'his' and 'hers'? I assume that if your partner is 'wearing' hers, she will benefit from it in ways different from you. I am very open and broadminded so I am not really questioning any of the issues here, my only concern for you (both?) is that you (singularly) are not (apparently) aiming to use the device to get best advantage of it's possibilities.

    On the last, whilst the material is exceedingly robust if you subject it to treatment that it is not designed to take, I guess the handle may (snap) break. It would have to be a pretty sharp knock though.

  • supportsupport
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    Hi Dolphin,

    Welcome to the forum!

    We do not recommend keeping your Helix in all day just as we do not recommend sleeping with it. However, we know that some choose to do so with no ill-effects. We've heard of men using the Aneros while at work, riding the bus, mowing the lawn... but remember the adage, "everything in moderation."

    The Aneros Staff
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    So i dont know what blog is...someone tell me, sounds like a plugged toilet..
  • I'm about to purchase the MAXIMUS and also wondered if it is possible to sit in a chair (say at the computer) with the stimulator inserted and be comfortable with the "handle" portion of it pressed between the chair and your body weight. The "handle" looks fairly fragile and I'm concerned that it will snap off with any pressure or movement placed upon it.