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Uncomfortable feeling
  • Can anyone shed any light on the feeling I have at the moment.

    After using the helix for about 90 minutes or so I gave up after only a few involuntary spasms. Whether I was relaxed or not I have no idea. Well I now have the feeling of trapped wind and like a cold feeling all the way across my abdoman, partically between the pelvic bone and my belly button. It doesn`t hurt, more like a slight ache. Has anyone else suffered with this feeling. Advise would be helpful

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Sounds to me as if you may have been using the Aneros too vigorously. Were you working it manually (with your hands) or just with anal contractions alone? If anal contractions alone, what intensity of contraction have you been using? Did you experience any urethral numbness as well?

    At the outset, my suggestion would be to lay off of the Aneros for a bit, until this discomfort subsides. At that point you might try a session, but try to limit yourself to a shorter period of time to start with....say 45 minutes and see how you do. If there is no problem, you could gradually work your way up to longer sessions.

    BF Mayfield
  • Thank you for your reply. I have not been doing it manually but it may have been doing it for too long hoping to achieve the desired affect.

    A couple of nights ago I did fall asleep with the Helix inserted and I awoke about an hour later with involuntary muscle spasm and I could feel my prostate being massaged. There was pressure on my Perineum which too be truthfully I couldn`t workout whether I was contracting muscles to achieve this or my body doing it on it's own.

    I am going to take your advise and leave alone for awhile until this feeling subsides.
    I have read numerous threads which you have wrote which is very helpful but also makes a large number of users including myself very jealous, and it`s all because we want to have the same sensations and you experience.