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Do you guys get any sore muscles after super O?
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    I recently had my first super O after months of trying. The experience was intense and I found my self tensing tighter and tighter as I approach super O. The next day I experienced muscle soreness all it normal? and does anyone have had the same experiences? Comments would be appreciated.
  • caltoncalton
    Posts: 111

    If you are fit (and not a nonagenarian!) I wouldn't have thought that you should have sore muscles from the contracting the muscles that provoke a Super O. Generally, one only suffers fatigued muscle 'ache' (stiffness), say, after one had been running after a period of inactivity that had not been subject to prior stretching exercises to 'work up' sufficient strength for recovery.
    It may be that you have over-tensed other body muscle groups in your nervous anxiety to generate the necessary (for you) sexual tension for a successful orgasm. Whilst a conscious focus is at the centre of success for a Super O, I'm sure others will confirm experience where success is born out of relaxation.
    If it is your PC or anal sphincter muscles that are sore, you may have attempted to 'over-contract' these. I am sure if you were to exercise these - easily done, particularly if you are enjoying a rather sedentary day of office meetings - you will avoid any form of recurrence.

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    Thanks for the reply....I quess I was too tense during my session...
    When I am at the edge of an super O, I tend to try to help it along by contracting muscles....that would explain the soreness...