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Am I on the right lines?
  • I have only had the Helix version a short time. I have constantly read about various techniques to achieve the SUPER O. I understand that you are very lucky if you find it straight away.

    Last night I tried to relax and watch porn to get aroused, which worked to some effect but without showing any real change to what I have already felt. A little pee`d off by it i just tried to relax and actually fell asleep with the Helix inserted. About an hour or so later I woke to feel my muscles contracting involuntary, and as I was in the state of just awake,I was totally relaxed. With this sensation I got a huge erection which seemed to heighten the feeling. My fingers were tingling and juddering and so was my leg. The muscles were contracting and I then tighten them slightly. The feelings continued. Then for some reason I woke up properly and almost immediatly the sensation subsided without managing to reinact it. Is this on the right lines?