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Contraction question
  • Hi, I have used the MGX four times now. The first three times, I had no sucess but on the fourth time, I did get some involuntary responses.

    When I contract and feel the involuntary muscular responses, how do I increase the intensity?
    Do I hold the contraction at the point where I feel the sensation or just increase the number of contractions?
    Also, should I completly relax the sphincter muscle before performing another contraction?

    Hope someone can help me.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    At this point you must take the journey of self-exploration. How much of this,... when to do that... these things vary from individual to individual. I strongly suggest that you thoroughly examine my B's Best of BEE LINE thread above, paying particular attention to the first post, entitled AROUSAL AND GENERATING SENSATIONS WITH ANEROS. This post is pretty much my own short version of an Aneros primer. I believe that you'll find the answers to several of your questions there.

    BF Mayfield