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Reflections on 6 months with the Helix
  • RogerRoger
    Posts: 23
    I haven't posted here in quite a while, but I wanted to share my experiences. The Aneros has completely changed my sexual response and I can't imagine life anymore without what it has taught me. Even though I reached a super-o reletively easily after receiving the Aneros, the intensity and quality of the feelings have continued to grow and deepen as time has gone on. It really is an ongoing adventure -- one that I hope will continue for a long time come.

    I guess that I can't really describe how the Aneros makes me feel, and how I've learned to make myself feel even without it, but it has put me in touch with an entirely new type of sensuality that, in retrospect, had always been there just below the surface, but which I had only, frustratingly glimpsed until the aneros showed me the way. Now these sensations have become a permanent feature of my sex play and simply having a 'regular' orgasm is something I rarely do, and even then the quality of my 'regular' orgasms has dramatically changed.

    My body now regularly surprises me, and I've learned to be open to those surprises. In some ways it's like being an adolecent again, but much, much better. For all those who are frustrated and struggling to achieve the 'Super-O' all I can say is relax, let go of your expectations and preconceptions (I know that's hard to do), and try to open yourself to whatever pleasure you find along the way. It is a journey that can be life-changing and a lot of fun. It's not a gimmick. It really is worth time.

    Thanks again to all those on this forum who have been a tremendous help along the way.

  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Hi Roger,

    I just wanted to thank you for this article. I feel like we are simpatico. It is a great thing to have some feeling again. Thank you for this article & thank you for sharing with us.