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I have an anal cleansing question
  • (this post was edited 2005-10-11 17:47:14)

    I was wondering if I could just use an empty enema bottle with warm water to cleanse before a session? That away I could would only have to cleanse the lower 7 inches of my intestines. I know it is not good to use enemas on a regular basis for you become to dependant on them. In cleansing just the lower 7 inches or so of my bowels, would that be sufficient?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    The following is an excerpt from an old post of mine that covers this fairly thorougly.

    Although a “clean-out” is not strictly necessary prior to using the Aneros (particularly if one is regular, and knows when they’re empty), it may make some users more comfortable by reducing the risk of any “accidents”. Furthermore, for others any enema can be a very pleasant experience in its own right.

    The way that I like to approach this is to do an evacuation of the rectum only, without involving the entire bowel if possible. To accomplish this, one must try to avoid doing anything that will get peristalsis (the rhythmic bowel contraction) started. If the bowel becomes irritated and starts contracting, you're more or less committed to clearing out your entire system, which can be time consuming and sometimes unpleasant (cramping). To avoid this I use water ONLY, being careful to keep it as close to 'body temperature' as possible. In terms of the amount that I use, I find that 4 - 6 fluid ounces is sufficient. Again, the idea is not to completely fill the rectum with fluid, but to loosen and help flush out any material that's present. I always lubricate my anus and the enema nozzle to facilitate insertion. I find sitting on the toilet the most convenient place for the cleansing itself. A second application of the same volume can be made if necessary. But you don't want to over do it. Ordinarily, I will follow this with a nice hot shower to get cleaned up and relaxed at the same time.

    Bear in mind that the amount of fluid that I’ve suggested is not a lot, it is roughly equivalent to a third to half of the volume of an average soft drink can. But if you think that it's too much, start with a smaller amount. In so far as the equipment for this, you can find bulb syringe type enemas or the “fountain type” at your local drugstore. The latter is really just a hot water bottle that has one end cut off. You just fill and hang the bag and gravity drives the liquid through a tube to the nozzle. The tube has a shut off clip so you can control the flow. For many the fountain type is a good way to go, in that it give you a bit better control the amount that you take in. The bulb type devices on the other hand offer greater convenience (easy to prepare and clean). So long as one keeps the practice occasional, and is careful to limit the amount fluid that you take in, there shouldn't be any problem. Of course I'm no doctor, and if you have any particular health concerns you may want to consult with your doctor first.

    BF Mayfield

  • I heard you can only have a colon scope twice a year. But that information came from some Neanderthals at the office and I really don’t think they know the first thing about enemas…

    Anyway, I have a two quart enema bag. Does anyone know if I can use that at least once a week to evacuate my intestines? Are there any dangers in using a two quart enema on a regular basis? I only use the enema bag for anal play purposes. Any information would be greatly appreciated…
  • I usually fill my hot water bottle with JUST body temp water ONLY!!
    just test it on youre wrist should feel comf. warm then sit on the toilet and just evacuate the last of the colen. IF you lay down then the water will travel farther into the lower intestine and then you WILL be commited to fushing youre whole system!!! By siting on the toilet you only flush out the first 5 inches or so.... just enough for good cleanseing. and then the anros will travel freely in youre rectum and contact the prostate freely.
    And remember to use lots of lube injected INTO the rectum.(KY JELLY ONLY)
    about 5 cc should do it. and above all RELAX AND ENJOY AND GIVE IT TIME!!! Give youreself AT LEAST one Hour per session dont rush just enjoy the ride IT WILL HAPPEN!!!!!!! good luck!!!\