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Thoughts on common Helix questions
  • mu1timu1ti
    Posts: 61
    I have some thoughts on what are becoming very common questions on this forum and would welcome the input of anyone who has ideas that differ from mine.

    I'm really close to the super O, I've had significant feelings from my aneros recently and it keeps getting better. I make this point so I hopefully don't come across as thinking I'm an advanced user!? These are my ideas, I'm not saying I'm correct.

    Q. Why does my Aneros twist off centre?

    I think this is related to over insetion. When I first received my Helix I gave it a little extra helping push to give tab pressure.

    This was a mistake!

    I now realise through experience and fragments from other threads that the Helix is supposed to find it's own depth and in my case that leaves the tab way off the mark. The simple solution to this is the hot glue gun mod (see mods forum) which is completely reversable, mess it up no problems, just try again.
    This yields good tab pressure now and has cured the rotating Helix problem and has magnified the feelings I get from the Helix. It's now my favourite again.

    Q. MGX vs Helix?

    Course I can't really answer this but I do believe that the MGX will suit almost anyone right from the box and also that both units are superb.

    In the case of the Helix it's once again my personal favourite of the 2 units but users should maybe be prepared to use the hot glue mod (to be clear - this method involves building up the abutment tab with a glue gun - for pictures and description)

    It's really easy to do the mod and is risk free as far as I can tell. I'm 5'7" and had to build up 15mm - it has made all the difference though I believe that anyone 6' or over probably won't have to do any mods.

    I sincerely hope this is useful to someone
    Cheers, Mu1ti