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First Time Success
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    Just had to thankyou for the Aneros - I read the reviews on this site and thought I'd give it a go, I'm fairly inexperienced at this but interested all the same - especuially after reading this forum.

    It did appear over priced on opening, but it is packed much better than the usual made in Taiwan type toys, and smaller, and made of a harder plastic than I expected.

    Well my wife had to go and collect it from the post office as it had to be signed for - so she was naturally inquisitive at what it was (we're both in our 30's and married for over 15 years. I came straight out with it and told her it was a new toy for me (she is a regular rabbit and bullet user).In fact it was the bullet that got me interested in this - whilst she was using it I often used to sit over her and she enjoyed a little pressure - which used to catch me and send pleasurable vibrations through me... She was keen for me to try it - she enjoys teasing me with the bullet and has often said it is not fair that there aren't as many toys for men.

    Well we did & WOW after about 10-15 minutes of mutual play (me on my side) it just kicked and I had a powerful dry orgasm. I've had these before being teased by the bullet, but this was deeper and more powerful!

    After another 5 minutes of her stroking me it started again - this time I just exploded!

    Maybe I was lucky for it to work straight away, but I'd sure say give it a will enjoy it