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  • Pan September 2005
Finally, a Super Orgasm
  • (this post was edited 2005-09-06 21:06:09)

    I FINALLY had my first Super Orgasm tonight. I have been trying for months for this and finally it happened. All I know is that my entire body was shaking and quivering, and I think my eyes even rolled all the way back. It was almost impossible to keep from screaming, but I some how managed to keep from moaning, I didn't really want my roommates to know what the hell I was doing. I stuck with it for two mind blowing events. It felt as good, if not 10 times better than having a penile orgasm. I shake and tremble just thinking about what happened. Highly recommend for every guy, just take your time, the "time" will come. I really cannot wait till tomorrow when I give it another try. This is by far one of the most intense feelings I have ever had. I ordered the vibrating bullet, can't wait to see how it feels with this. Thanks aneros!!! I finally know what everyone is talking about.

    Once again, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    Congratulations A-Rizzle!

    For the record, would you mind describing your session a little and what techniques may have induced your first Super-O? It just might help some other newbies out there...