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  • caltoncalton
    Posts: 111
    WOW! I fully understand now why everyone says WOW! I am truly amazed and not a little proud to have achieved my first \"Super O\". After achieving 5 \"SOs\" in a row I gave up counting and just let the sensations well-over and let them keep coming. I was having such fantastic sensations that I became completely absorbed in the intensity of the experience.
    In answer to practice related by others in other threads, I began the session my third - (without the MGX) - with penile masturbation that was particularly intense due in part to the anticipation of the MGX being inserted and in part the idea that I was setting out to deny myself a penile induced orgasm. After inserting the Aneros I immediately had feelings that I was on my way. I started slowly, holding onto the \"fluttering\" phase. To agree with others, the key to success is relaxation. Trying to \"force\" an orgasm just does not work. A relaxed state tn turn enables the feelings to be released from the perineal area. Any tension, apart from the contraction phase, blocks the possibilities for success. The importance of not touching my glans is an amazing way to heighten sensation. As someone else related it is as though you dont know you have a penis - until the first deep contractions of the \"Super O\" bring on a fantastically vigourous and full, pulsing erection. This all took place when I was on my back in the legs drawn up, feet flat, position. (More about position later).
    I finished this three hour session with another first that I have been trying to perfect for a while. I set up a rocking motion, still on my back, with the intention of milking my prostate to an ejaculatory orgasm - not directly penile induced, but rather relying on the action of the prostate contracting on its own. The effect of this was absolutely wonderful - a true revelation! I \"came\" in one intense spasm, followed by a number of smaller contractions. This produced only prostatic fluid - and in copious amounts! I have had (female) partners in the past that have unsuccessfully gifted me a manual prostate massage to orgasm, so am impressed that I can add this to my new achievement.
    As a postscript to this, and I guess what may be more interesting to everyone, following on another later unsuccessful Super O session I drifetd off to sleep (without Aneros). I was lying on my right hand side in the right leg extended , left leg drawn up position. Next thing I am aware of is a dream where I can feel that my abdomen feels tight. I woke up to find that I was experiencing strong anal/perineum contractions and an increasingly full penis. With extreme caution, so not to disturb the patterns of the contracting palpitations, I managed to insert my Helix and settle back into three \"Super Os\" that lasted about two and a half to three minutes each.
    The wonderful thing about these orgasms is that they do not leave you with that replete feeling but rather, invigorate.
    Thank you Aneros - I think you have changed my life!
  • Edit
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    Congratulations on crossing over! YAY!
  • caltoncalton
    Posts: 111
    FleshJoe - Thanks for your felicitations. The Rubicon has indeed been crossed!