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So THAT'S what everyone is talking about!
  • It's been 4 months since I got my Helix and I've been using it about once a week or once every two weeks since I've had it. I wasn't discouraged because every session seemed to bring out something new, and my body was "learning" what to do. Last night and tonight I finally found the "wave" everyone talks about and was able to ride it up to a very interesting climax!

    It seems to take a rather large amount of concentration on staying semi-relaxed, breathing regularly, and also focusing on whatever erotic scene I have in my head at the moment. If my thoughts stray, or if I move positions, or find myself holding my breath, it fades away. It doesn't take long to recapture the feeling, thankfully. :)

    I'll try to describe my latest session from tonight. I had several hours to myself tonight as the wife was out with some friends, so I decided to try and hit the super-O again like I did the night before. Got all set up and laid in my usual postition on the bed: on my back with my legs flat and in a V shape, very relaxed. I pulled out my Palm where I have some erotic stories to read. I can now get to the involuntary stage with very little effort, so after about 20-30 minutes I was having very nice contractions. From there my technique consisted mostly of holding a PC contraction at probably around 50%. By this time the act of holding the Palm and clicking the page button was becoming tiresome and distracting, so I put it away and just concentrated on my own erotic scenarios. This is kind of hard for me as my mind tends to wander when I am not actively reading/watching something. Eventually the PC contraction brought on a kind of warming, aroused feeling in my entire pelvic region. It's hard to compare this feeling to anything else. I almost can't even feel my penis at all during the session, it's very weird! I kept concentrating as hard as I could and remembered I was not breathing properly. I started taking deep breaths, and this helped a great deal. The warming feeling slowly grew more intense. All of a sudden, I noticed my right hand was shaking and my palms were getting VERY sweaty. The feeling kept building higher and higher and I thought to myself, where does it stop?! As soon as that thought crossed my mind, I must have hit some kind of peak and had an orgasm. It did not feel like an ejaculatory orgasm at all, but completely different! There was no rhythmic spasming as with an ejac orgasm. It didn't feel as intense as some of the other reports on here made it out to be, I wasn't making a lot of sound or shaking all over the place (at least I don't think I was!) I guess I probably had some kind of "mini-super-O". This probably lasted 15-20 seconds, and afterwards I was still just as aroused as before. I continued on, seeing if I could hit another peak. I was able to get very close several times but something would always distract me: my legs were tired from tensing and I was pretty sweaty. As I usually do, I got up and finished off by masturbating.

    I'm looking forward to trying to bring that peak up higher and higher, and to be able to repeat it more than once per session. I'm also considering not jerking off after every session. Having a normal orgasm afterwards leaves me really drained and brings the usual drop-off in arousal, although it feels amazing of course. I am curious what it will be like to just stop . :)
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    Sounds like you got it! Or *very very* close :) Congratulations.