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  • Pan September 2005
comparison of aneros vs manual prostate massage?
  • curious what your perspectives are in comparing an aneros vs just using a finger. it would seem that you could do more with a finger from a manipulation perspective yet everything i read here seems to make it like the aneros is amazing....
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    I can't contort myself enough to reach there with a finger. Maybe some other people can. In any case, it seems to me that using a finger on yourself you would not be able to achieve the required mind state of detachment and passivity, since you're actively participating in the massage. That's whats great about the Aneros, it uses muscles that you're able (with some concentration) to disengage from so that these muscles can drive the Aneros on their own.
  • PanPan
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    I think it depends on who's finger...


    But seriously, yes I think if you have never experienced prostate stimulation before, then recieving a prostate massage from someone who knows what they're doing would almost certainly feel better than your first Aneros session. I've never had one myself, but this place looks pretty good if you can afford it:

    But ultimately I think it depends on your personal success with the Aneros. Once you've achieved the ability to easily experience and reproduce the Super-O with the Aneros, it's hard to imagine how anyone's finger would improve on that. After all, you know exactly how you want to feel from one moment to the next, and the Aneros can respond instantly. With a partner, you have to tell them what you want and that can be a distraction from the pleasure.

    And as far as self-stimulation goes, I tried several times over the years to massage my own prostate. It never really felt good, and always required a huge amount of effort. A couple times I thought I was going to sprain my finger just trying to feel something "up there." The first time I put in the Aneros was the first time I ever felt direct stimulation on my prostate.

    So for me, there's no contest. The Aneros wins over the finger. But I gotta admit, if I had money to burn, I'd check out that massage service anyway. Who knows, they might have something to offer...