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How can I classify my progress
  • LizardLizard
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    Hi everybody!

    I am new here and wanna thank all of you for your forum!

    I am using the Aneros Helix for the 10th time and I must say...
    It´s worth - all the money and all the time :)

    Also I have been using anal toys for years (and I am NOT gay ;)
    the best results have been with Aneros

    The first time I used the aneros I did not feel anything and I was quite unsatisfied... I thought my prostate could have been injured by the use of anal toys in the past, because I cannot feel the kind of "pain" I felt when I explored my prostate for the first time.
    (Or can it no longer be excited because of the use of bigger toys???)

    I still do not feel it!

    But there is a kind of sensation that has nothing to do with "physical touch".

    I would like to know, how I could classify my progress on that, because I do not feel any of the listed "normal" feelings!

    I do not even have an erection (sometimes I do have for a few minutes and it´s very hard!) or any precum!

    What I feel is a kind of a "high" in the area of my stomach.

    It´s like a yawn at the beginning - then:
    I do feel something building up in my body and my sense is modified.

    I do not feel anything that reminds me of an orgasm, but I feel a warmth in my body and my breathing is a LOT faster!!
    And I feel my pulse all over the body.

    After a few minutes of building up, this all seems to end - or I cannot hold it up longer...

    I feel a wave of coldness from my feed up to my stomach and that´s how it ends...

    This all is not as intensive as a "normal" orgasm - it´s more like a good feeling that turns into a kind of warm, light wave and ends in something cold and unpleasant ;) hehe

    Could ANYONE tell me what I do wrong or what I do right? :)

    Two questions:

    1.) I have read, that the movements should be very... mh calm to do it right. B Mayfield said that this is a very sensitive point and one should do it slowly...
    I can only reach that point if I do it like 2 movements in one second
    Is this too fast?

    2.) In the describtion it is said:

    "When the Aneros Massager gets you to that pinnacle where ejaculation feels imminent"

    How should one bring that to ones mind - do I have EXACTLY the same feelings as building up an ejacul. orgasm?
    Just without having any physical stimulation on one´s penis?

    Thank you a lot for reading and for your suggestions :)
  • Edit
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    nothing? :(