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Observations of a two year Aneros user....
  • coyotecoyote
    Posts: 3
    I love the device. I have all of them. I keep going back to the good old MGX though; I think it is still the best. I use Aneros about once every other week. My sessions last about one hour each. I follow the instructions. I generally do not ejaculate with Aneros because I try not touch my penis. I just enjoy the massaging that comes from the involuntary contractions. I'm not sure if I have super-o'ed (whatever that means), but I think I do orgasm if you define male orgasm as prosatic contractions that include reaching ecstatic states. Example: after a non-ejaculatory Aneros session, my legs are weak just as if I had ejaculated a huge load from a long session of intercourse or masturbation after a period of abstinence. I do occasionally ejaculate with Aneros, and as everyone knows, it really flushes out the glands and ampulla when you do. I notice different feelings when using Aneros if my prostate is full (no ejaculation within 72 hours) or empty (ejaculation within 24 hours). I am fortunate to be multi-orgasmic with a highly-developed pc muscle and have enjoyed anal play since I was a teenager. Although I enjoy anal toys and anal sex, I think the Aneros is more of a health device and \"exercise\" for the rectum, prostate and anus. It's far beyond just a toy. I'll be using it forever. I really wish we could promote more the healthy benefits of prostate massage for men, which has been long-known in the orient in Chinese medicine, etc.