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Ordered the Maximus
  • LukasLukas
    Posts: 6
    I just ordered the Aneros Maximus. I ordered one of the other products the other day and it seems too short to "hit the right spot". I had to roll up a towel and sit on it on a chair to push it in as deep as possible to feel a sensation. So hopefully this new larger one will work. Any one out there had the same problem?
  • LukasLukas
    Posts: 6
    The one I already have, is referred to as the "PS New" if you go to the High Island website. Which one will it correspond to on this website?
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Lukas,

    While I dont have the same problem as you, I did also just order a Maximus. I presently have an MGX (I think yours is a Helix) and have had some good times with it, but I was feeling flush and ready for something different. I hear the Maximus is a real butt filler! Sorry, I couldnt help saying that.

    I will keep everyone posted with how it is going with the new toy.

    Keep the faith.

  • LukasLukas
    Posts: 6
    I think the one I have is the Aneros MGX. I'll let you know my experience with the new Maximus. I'll try and sleep with the MGX tonight.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    (this post was edited 2005-08-23 16:12:15)

    Right you are Lukas! You do indeed have the the MGX,... actually the MGX Classic to be more specific. Not that I'm discouraging your Maximus purchase, but I would strongly encourage you to do some more experimentation with the Classic before you write it off. Positions can make all the difference with regard to how the massager engages your prostate.

    For instance, try kneeling (with your torso on the bed and knees on the ground), on all fours, squatting, on your back with one or both knees pulled to the chest, standing, on your side (left and right), on your side with one knee pulled toward the chest, on your side with both knees pulled toward you chest (fetal position). Give these a shot and see if you don't observe more sensation in one or more of these positions.

    BF Mayfield
  • LukasLukas
    Posts: 6
    Thanks so much. I will try. I slept with it all night quite comfortably with slight sensations - nothing extraordinary. I'll take the advice and see how things develop. So nice to read all the opinions and experiences. I think this forum is a wonderful place!
  • LukasLukas
    Posts: 6
    I have tried the Maximus, but finds that it will not stay in!!! I keeps on slipping out. It is like there is no "traction" back there! Please help...
  • caltoncalton
    Posts: 111
    Lukas - Try keeping a good hold on your anal sphincter muscle. Once the Aneros is in place the contractions of your sphincter should hold it in place. Do some exercises for that during the day. It can really help pass the time at boring meetings and you know you're getting a workout down there as well!