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  • Pan August 2005
A week with the Helix.
  • MevanteMevante
    Posts: 1
    I bought the Aneros Helix here in the UK a week ago after some in depth reading on here and other sites with reviews. The instructions were very well laid out and I spent all day at work thinking about how the trial run in the evening would go. I have no problems using such a device, as a straight male in a loving relationship. I think 'she' had more reservations than I do about it, but then from the orgasms she has manually and from her Eroscillator, I'm damn well going to have my own fun :)

    I really found I had to set the mood before I started just to relax me, as I was like a kid in a candy store, ripping open the box and grabbing for the KY. Soft music, dimmed lights, phone off the hook, I have an hour to give it a go. I took the advice of lying on my right side, with my left leg over my right, the right legs bent at 90 degrees to my waist. I lubed both the Helix and myself and took the plunge. I found I had to close my eyes to get any kind of concentration going, and the breathing exercises seemed to be passing the time. I was getting fraustrated (as is normally me with anything that takes time).

    Then my left arm and both my feet started to get hot, really hot. it was unconfortable. I was clenching the muscles in my anus and for a long while, all I could feel was the 'thing' and it prodding me and poking me. Then it became dull, warm. I was having trouble clenching with the same effort as before. As hard as I was pulling it in, it felt as if I was going to shoot out across the room. My breathing exercises continued and before long I realised that someone I have not experienced before was taking place. My whole body was having to be drawn upon just to keep the FULL 100% clenches up, so I tried relaxing to about half and holding it. Thats when the pulses came. They were only little, enough for me to make a slight noise. For a moment my penis started to get errect to a slight chub and precum was being pressed into the sheets on the bed.

    I was so worried that if I missed my rythym of in/out or relaxed too much I would lose all that I had built up, but inevitably that happened as soon as I thought too much about it. I was hot, sweaty and light headed, but knew nothing other than a very small mini-O had taken place. After that, I tried to cum normally by masterbation, but for some reason, I just didn't have the energy at all to even warrent getting an errection. I was absolutly knackered.

    Since then I have used it 2 other times and had similar results.
  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    Hey Mevante,

    I'm curious, where did you get the idea to use continuous "FULL %100 clenches"? It's sounds like you're trying to force the event through sheer will...?

    Most of the folks that have reported success here, describe using mild to moderate anal contractions, relaxed breathing, etc.

    You might want to read through some of B Mayfield's posts for an alternative approach to using the Aneros.

    Also, the discomfort you experienced upon insertion will probably subside over time, but my advice would be to completely relax your anal sphincter, and simply breathe deeply from your abdomen for the first 10-20 minutes before using any contractions. It should make the whole process a little smoother.