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Can you....
  • Bob1949Bob1949
    Posts: 1

    Been reading all the threads and didn't notice many regarding using the Aneros during daily activities. Did notice a few, but would be interested in hearing about others using the Aneros during a daily routine, ie: going to the store, on a date, at a movie, at work, etc.

    Does wearing the unit impenge on movement, bending over, sitting, getting up, etc. Is it uncomfortable at times? etc.

    Also noticed, with interest, that some users are removing the handle. Seems like an improvement by what I've been reading here. What does the manufacture think of this idea.

    Placed an oder the other day for a Helix and looking forward to my first experience.

    and thanks for any replies in advance.
  • Edit
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    Removed the curly handle on my MGX. Works much better. Did wear mine to the dentist office once. Sitting is still painful unless you can recline. One small problem is you cannot pass gas. Know it sounds funny but hey lets face it, we all fart.