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Aneros Blog
  • Hi there Guys and Gals...

    I've recently started a blog that includes how I'm getting on with the aneros (or the a~Pod as I'm now calling it! you'll see!) feel free to drop by and have a look - its just started really but its all good fun! Hope to see you there - the url is:

    It's not just about the aneros but other things too.

    See you around!

  • BonaparteBonaparte
    Posts: 22
    quoting here under the "fair Use " doctrine:

    "...And I “relaxed” and waited. After about five minutes of lying there like a police crime scene photograph of a Redneck stag night gone wrong, I lost patience and reached once more for the instructions…"

    You are a wanker if you don't read [this lovely Blog]

    RHBH speaks so eloquently for so many of us as we struggle on, manfully questing after release. WE've been through so much. RHBH understands !
  • Thank you for such sweet words about my humble blog Bonaparte! I hope that you didn't mind me feeding into the bit about you sleeping with it.

    Looking at your involvment in the forum it is great so see yourself (and others) being so supportive and reflexive about their experiences and thoughts!

    I sincerely admire your bravery for sleeping with it! Like I said in my blog - I toss and turn too much in my sleep to not do myself a potential injury!

    Best wishes,