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  • mu1timu1ti
    Posts: 61
    I just had a week off practising, fighting a bug I think & yesterday I went to bed a lot too late to start a session since I had to get up & go this morning.
    Last night a session was not indicated (I had to get up in 4 hours) but due to some stuff that's kicking off in my personal life I was in an intensely good mood. Really happy and buzzing.

    I reasoned that since O has a major emotional and psychological component it would be a waste to not just lube up for a short while and see what happened without any input, just taking Krash's driving analogy and drifting off for a while.

    What happened was very encouraging and interesting. I did nothing at all, just drifted off. No preparatory contractions, nothing at all.
    I admit I have been more than a little confused between the do nothing approach and the old style official instructions with the base level contractions.

    Within minutes the involuntary contractions began, the first waves of pleasure began and the MGX was drawn deeper inside me.

    I've read about this here on the site but this was my first experience (3 months practice) of this happening with no physical input. Amazing :)

    Ok here's the thing. The first waves of pleasure kind of woke me from my reverie. Completely involuntarily my mind reacted to the pleasure wave, just something simple like aaah or wow (not in words really just a reaction).

    With no physical change or input as soon as I had any conscious input not only did the waves subside but the contractions stopped outright!

    I would have to then let go mentally again and the contractions would begin afresh, what I think of as super O fragments would dart through my body & once again it would 'wake' me.

    I repeated this until I REALLY had to sleep (even though I was feeling energised and refreshed). Not easy to do my work on zero kip.

    Ok I have now proved to myself beyond any doubt the psychological component of this experience. It was black and white - my subconscious mind is controlling the experience somehow and it is easily diverted.

    I'm feeling intensely positive about everything and it is now so obvious to me why the guys who are drumming their fingers & saying hmm 3 hours where's that bloody O, I'll give it 5 more mins & then (etc) don't get this experience.
    Also I have proved to myself that the MGX works perfectly with my body - except maybe when I'm making conscious contractions when I think it may possibly overshoot. It's good though because I now know that the amount of stimulation the prostate needs is very small indeed.

    If you haven't read the Krash analogy it's related to the 5 mile car journey you can't remember making, that kind of mentality we can all identify with.

    I know I can let go a little more because I have experienced full on extended orgasm through key sound practice around 2 years ago but that was just before life became busy & stressful for a while (2 young kids, no sleep, too much work).

    The 1st waves of pleasure last night had the equivalent of an unexpected event. You might not remember the journey but the rabbit that runs in front of your car will break the spell.
    I'm sure this will change with more practice no worries but any clues anyone who can relate to this experience can give would be deeply valued.

  • krashkrash
    Posts: 3

    Congratulations on your great session, I really am happy for you! Keep us posted on your progress, I'm sure there is much more yet to come. I'm glad my analogy was of help. Congrats again!