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first aneros product, any sugestions?
  • Hi all!

    I´m going to by one of the product´s but i´m not really sure witch product. So guys help me out!
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    Read, read, read... and form your own opinion!
  • mu1timu1ti
    Posts: 61
    For a 1st purchase the best choices are probably (and IMO) MGX, SGX or Helix, not necessarily in that order. At the mo I've switched from the Helix to the MGX but it's so subjective - you'll find posts where guys have gone the other way.
  • luvinanerosluvinaneros
    Posts: 147
    Exactly read B. Mayfield's description of the next generation and make an informed decision based on how much anal stimulation you have experienced. Do not hesitate to contact support by email or by phone if you have any questions they have always been very nice and answered any questions I had. Do not be embarrassed I am sure your question is one they have heard before. Good luck and I am sure you will enjoy what ever model you choose.