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Oral sex with Aneros
  • In an earlier relationship, my partner would insert one of those long slightly cone shaped silicone toys that are ribbed. Not beads... the thing is stiff and has ridges...

    Well, anyway, she would give me the oral gift while gently touching the exposed end of the toy with a Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator. Starting... stopping starting stopping... I would turn into a gibering idiot after about 10 minutes of this. Intense contractions at orgasm... once I shot the toy across the room.

    I have yet to try oral sex with my Aneros in. My current partner used to have issues with anal play and oral sex, but has since relaxed. I'm just working up to combining the two, as I'm working past my own issues about male sex toys and my programming that any such device equals pathetic. I know I know it's dumb, and I'm almost done with it.

    Anybody have any oral sex testimonials or orals sex with vibration added stories?

  • luvinanerosluvinaneros
    Posts: 147
    I am glad you are working past your issues. We use it all the time when we have sex. What I enjoy the most is when I am performing oral sex on my wife and we have already inserted the aneros. This allows me to contract my anus and produce very pleasurable sensations while giving her several orgasms before intercourse.