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Three months on and still no real joy - finding the prostate
  • trebortrebor
    Posts: 3
    Hi, there.

    Been using the Aneros (MGX) for a good three months now without much success, certainly when getting near the pleasures and feelings that I read from other users.

    I think in my time using it I've had just a single involutary contraction and that's it and while sometimes using it can be nice and relaxing I still feel short changed.

    My main concern is this flipping prostate issue. The tub is definately doing its thing as I get real hard with pre cum but I still never feel anything 'inside' me if you can understand what I mean. I've never felt the urge to urinate except when I press the aneros in with a finger just to explore, but then that's more like the feeling of being kicked in the testicles.

    I just worry that the aneros is only doing half the job at the moment. I've been using it for a while and am comfortable and used to it insider me but I'm still not getting close to anything like a super-o. Perhaps the best so far is the feeling of blood pumping through my penis and an ever so slight tingling sensation at the tip of the penis - but nothing major or long lasting (I have to stop contrating to even feel it).

    Is there any easy way to locate your prostate and should I considering using a different model?


  • BonaparteBonaparte
    Posts: 22
    I located my prostate by putting a glove on my hand, lubing up and reaching in there with a finger ( actually three different fingers one after the other). Very informative. I was thinking that the Helix was not contacting my prostate but I can feel where the prostate is now, and the Helix is right in the ballpark. WHen I run my finger across the anal wall over the prostate, I can feel the prostate as a sort of fluffy mass on the anterior wall, but that's the sensation in my finger. I can't feel anything inside my prostate.

    On another thread ("support's response") what I'm being told is that I've not found the right frame of mind yet, I'm not relaxed enough. I intend to try manipulating my state of mind by dropping into the "hypnogogic" state (think that's the word). THat's the state of mind where you're free associating before you drop off to sleep (alpha brainwaves). I've read in another post somewhere that worked for somebody.

  • mu1timu1ti
    Posts: 61
    Hi Trebor

    check the diagrams on this site

    Also try a google for "prostate" and "diagram" - plenty of good stuff out there, no need to fly blind.

    Don't forget the prostate isn't floating around in your ass, it's actually behind the anterior (front) wall of your rectum so you can't actually touch it. Really sorry if that's teaching you to suck eggs but I do think from posts I have read that some guys might be confused by this point - it is alien territory for most of us after all.

    If you ever did G spot massage for a woman you will feel her G spot around 2ish inches inside her along the top wall of the vagina, basically behind her clitoris. It's widely thought (known) to be a vestigal prostate gland and will usually swell with stimulation. If you identify with this from experience and imagine trying the same move from a finger inserted into her anus then you're on the right track.

    Now back to your own body.

    If you push forwards as soon as you clear your anal canal you can also feel the bulb of your penis and, I have found, you can stimulate cowpers gland which secretes pre-seminal fluid. Now progress slowly upwards on that front wall. By the time you're up to your fingers middle joint your prostate should be right in front of you but of course behind a wall of skin.

    Please post if this helps, I hope it does but take your time and enjoy :)