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  • dudedude
    Posts: 1
    Hello all-

    So i finally did it. i heard about the Aneros back in June when i went to the erotica convention in LA. i went with my girlfirend and saw a whole new side of her. a lady on the streets and a freak in the bed. awesome. i was just expecting to see lots of t and a and maybe score a few toys to f**k around with her with. anyway, she was really into this aneros thing and wanted to try it out with me. there was an aneros guy there that was hyper cool and spent alot of time talking about the aneros to us. he had my girlfriend hooked and almost had me. just by talking about it. anyway, we bought a helix and shes been trying to get it in me since then. i've been putting it off, but then last night, she just kinda surprised me. my girlfriend put it in for me the first time and maybe i should of been worried because i swear she was a pro at it. i've never done anything anal before so i figured it would hurt, but she was down there playing and licking and lubing and before I knew it it was in position. so yeah, i got a really big hard on like i used to when i was 18 and then when i came, it was like a f**kin' volcano!! we were doggy style and when i pulled out just in time, i came so hard i shot past her head onto the wall. i dont know what i was so worried about. i guess its the whole gay thing, but my girlfriend is hot and she was so turned on by the whole thing that she sucked and lapped at my dick for like an hour afterwards. there was no way i was coming again after the way i exploded, but it felt good anyway. man, i didnt have any problems with sex before but i never knew it could be this good. i've probably had sex with like 30 women in my life, but even my first time, it was never like this. its like i'm coming outta plato's f**kin'cave, man! and damn, the world's a beautiful place!! f**kin genius, dudes. f**kin genius.
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    Thank you for the very helpful hints on female persuasion! Good to know, good to know.