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  • big_Obig_O
    Posts: 44
    (this post was edited 2005-07-19 07:09:54)

    As I expected the Eupho model was not nearly as intense for me as the Maximus. For me, the Eupho is a much subtler experience than any of my other models. The sensations produced by the Eupho were very pleasant and eventually orgasmic, but also definitely less intense for me than with my other Aneros models (Maximus, Helix & MGX). Personally, if you're considering an Aneros model I would not start out with the Eupho. I think the Helix or MGX would be a better first choice, and then, if you're anything like me adding the Maximus will take you to a new intensity level once you've become familiar with what the Aneros can do for you.

    As an experiment, after experiencing some very nice Os with the Eupho I inserted the Maximus, and the intensity of sensations was immediately ramped up to what I experienced a couple of days ago. So that procedure may now become my normal routine...start out with one of my other models and then finish off with the Maximus for a truly big O : )
  • ninonino
    Posts: 28

    thanks for the update on the eupho. I have the mgx, helix and maximus. I have been thinking about getting the eupho. I often use different models starting from smaller to larger and it is a very good experience.

    I like the helix for solo work when I haven't used anything else for a bit. I like maximus with my wife. And I like mgx when I want to change it up and really hit the perineum point.

    I am going to wait on the eupho for a few years :) maybe there will be some new models in the next few years as well combining the intense perineum pressure of the mgx with the features of the others.

  • big_Obig_O
    Posts: 44
    I’ve now had two more sessions with the Eupho and my opinion of it is changing (for the good, that is :). My second session with the Eupho started with the MGX and ended with the Maximus, so the Eupho kind of served as the catalyst for the prolonged plateau phase with noticeably more intense sensations and orgasms than my first time trying the Eupho.
    My most recent session with the Eupho (the 3rd in all with it) started with the Helix which quickly produced some great orgasms. After 20-30 minutes of ecstasy with the Helix, I switched to the Eupho. I wasn’t really expecting too much, even though session two with it had been quite an improvement over the first time. Boy was I wrong! The Eupho was fantastic this time around and produced orgasms almost as intense as my beloved Maximus : ) My “finishing off” ejaculatory orgasm was extremely intense with the Eupho inserted. I can’t wait to try the Aneros some day with a girlfriend! Next time around I’ll start with the Eupho and see where it leads me. For my first session that’s what I did and the experience was only so-so in terms of intensity. Now that I’ve gotten used to it, maybe the Eupho will take me to the heights even when it’s the first model used.

    As I mentioned in another topic almost all my sessions include some anal foreplay which has greatly enhanced the overall experience for me. I have two butt plugs one is about 1” diameter at widest point, and the other is almost 1.75”. I rarely fully insert the larger one as it’s a usually a little much for me if I do. Anyway, I gently penetrate with these for 10-20 minutes which seems to “arouse” the prostate and anal region for me and also thoroughly pre-lubricates the anus without the need for medicine dropper applications of lube. If you’re struggling with the Aneros try the anal foreplay technique and it may just give you that extra arousal boost you need to get better results.
  • big_Obig_O
    Posts: 44
    Just a final update on the Eupho. Last night I did a little anal foreplay as I described in my last post and then inserted the Eupho. The sensations started rather subtly but ended up building into some super intense orgasms. So, my opinion of the Eupho has come full circle. In the first session it was "nice" but nothing spectacular, and now I would rank the Eupho as second in intensity only to my Maximus. That's pretty interesting since those two are at opposite ends of the size spectrum of Aneros models.

    For me, my "verdict" in terms of the relative intensity of anal orgasms and ejaculations from the Aneros models would be 1) Maximus, 2) Eupho, 3) Helix & 4) MGX. That's saying a lot since I was so satisfied with the MGX that I didn't think I'd even order the new models. Now I feel the new models are ALL more intense than the MGX with the Maximus and Eupho being particulalry so. It all goes to show that first impressions aren't always right! : )